During the coronavirus pandemic countless people have lost their jobs or have had to pivot their business dramatically. Luckily, one industry that is thriving and more opportunity every day is web design. Businesses are now forced to take their online presence seriously and connect with their customers digitally through their website.

My guest, Amr Selim, who has been a close colleague of mine for a few years, lost 90% of his income as a tech head hunter in March of 2020 when the pandemic came. Luckily, he had web design as a side hustle and was able to take that full time and has, at this point 5 months later, not only survived, but thrived with his business.

If you’re pivoting to web design, either looking to take a side hustle full time or getting into from a completely different industry, you’re not going to want to miss this case study style episode. You’ll be able to take from what Amr did both practically and through his mentality to get through uncertainty and go full time web design freelancer.

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