If you love kind of game where it’s all about making money, #1 iOS game “Make It Rain–The Love of Money” is Now on Windows Phone. In this game you need to–well make money–but then it brings in lot of factors which helps you make money faster. Right from running a factory to investing in Politics to hire a lobbyist.  And if you think you aren’t doing well, get your fingers to work and swipe as fast as you can over the bundle of note to “Make it Rain”.

Make it Rain Make it Rain 2

After playing the game for an hour, here is the basic stuff. To make more money, you need to have bigger bill, faster rate and good capacity to hold that money. Initially, concentrate on getting rate and bill amount high. Once you start accumulating money at good rate, start increasing your capacity of holding that money.

While swiping like crazy sounds, crazy, this game is damn addictive as you see your money growing, counter ticking even faster with every investment you make. A small warning though, you will end up consuming your battery a lot.

The game has been ported to Windows Phone by Game Trooper’s, a company working really hard to get those apps which haven’t made it to Windows Phone yet. The game is also going to be featured in Windows Phone store around the world. I already see the game to have a crazy rating of 4 and half with 576 reviews till now.