Many of us eat cereal every day for breakfast, but some cereal is way out of many of our price ranges. The price tags on these boxes make it seem like the consumer plans to eat liquid gold for the prices they pay. It might seem like too much for us to pay out of pocket, but there are some collectors out there who crave to own history.

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We have compiled a list of the most expensive cereals of all time. You probably doubt that any cereal could be worth more than a few bucks, but this list will prove you wrong. Keep reading to learn about the ten most expensive cereals ever made!

10 Kyrie 4 Lucky Charms ($500)

This cereal box was released back in 2018 and they were originally on sale for $120. You get your very own pair of Nikes in a custom-designed cereal box packaging. They are now selling for around $500 online due to their rarity when they hit the pop up stores in select areas.

This is no ordinary cereal, and it might not be edible, but they do look pretty snazzy on any size feet. The boxes also come with a signature bowl and spoon, so you can eat the cereal the box didn't supply you with.

9 Raisin Bran With Defective Coloring ($1,000)

There are times when a cereal company's printer loses ink, but the employees fail to catch the mistake before the box is sent out into the world. This is what happened with this Raisin Bran box and explains why it is so expensive.

The box has no yellow or green coloring visible on its box, which is an extreme rarity. They are asking $1,000 for this gem and we can believe that some collector out there will snatch it up sooner than you might think.

8 24K Golden Grahams (???)

This cereal was created on a show using 24 Karat Golden Grahams and edible gold. They wrapped the cereal in gold and then proceeded to eat it. You can watch the full video here, and watch them literally eat their money. There was never an official price released for how much this cereal cost, but we can guess it isn't cheap.

This one-of-a-kind cereal will probably run you hundreds of dollars, possible all the way up to a thousand dollars per box, depending upon how much they pay their laborers. Either way, it's way out of our price range.

7 Pink Panther Flakes Post Cereal Box ($2,095)

This cereal box never held any cereal, but that is part of the reason why the owner of this gem has priced it at $2,095. It was supposed to hold Pink Panther Flakes, as well as a toy car which was the suggested prize.

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The product might not look like much, but it is a beautiful specimen that cereal enthusiasts crave to add to their collection. This box is beyond rare due to its pristine condition, and even though we wouldn't buy it, there are collectors out there willing to pay the steep price.

6 1951 Wheaties Complete Box With Ted Williams ($2,500)

This is a rare one-ounce box of Wheaties that had the face of Ted Williams plastered on the front of it. People really did not start collecting cereal boxes until the 1990s, which is why this is such an iconic piece of history.

There were five other sports stars released in this series of cereals, but Ted Williams takes the cake for being the most expensive. Who knew such a small amount of cereal could amount to $2,500 in just a few short decades.

5 Kellog's Super Mario Cereal Limited Edition Nintendo Amiibo ($5,000)

This box of cereal is rare, but this one, in particular, is so expensive because it has never been opened. This was only released in 2017 and has now hit the threshold of $5,000 for a mint condition box. The cereal was not only a limited edition release but also had an "amiibo" function that gave perks to whose who played Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch.

You could scan the box with your controller and your perk would appear on the screen as an addition to your game. These days, it might be better to go without any perks as the cost is no longer worth the reward.

4 1974 General Mills Mr. Wonderfull's Surprize ($5,900)

The cereal box was produced back in 1974, but these days it is worth more than the few dollars it would have cost you back then. It was only on the market for a short time before it was discontinued, which is the reason why people are now asking $5,900 for these boxes.

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It is said that less than five of these boxes still exist, so it is truly a deal even without the treasured cereal inside. You might not be willing to cough up the cash, but many cereal collectors are dying to have this.

3 1975 General Mills Fruit Brute Monster ($7,900)

This box originally carried marshmallows and fruit-flavored cereal bits and was the fourth cereal released by this company. It was produced for eight years, starting in 1974, and the werewolf mascot even made appearances in a few of Quentin Tarantino's movies.

If you combine all this with its age, then you might be able to justify the $7,900 price tag on this box. You might not see the joy in it, but there are several people out there with their pocketbooks open who are ready to pay this high price.

2 Great Illinois Corn Flake ($200,000)

This might not be an entire box, but that doesn't matter because this cornflake was given its own spectacular home. The flake was discovered in 2008 by a teenage girl who thought it resembles the great state of Illinois which is America's second-largest producer of corn.

She posted it on eBay, and low and behold, the final bid was for $200,000. Now, this was against eBay's food policy, but they could sell a coupon instead. The coupon sold for $1,350, which isn't as much as before, but it is still a lot for a simple little cornflake.

1 New Kids on the Block cereal (???)

This cereal box is so rare that a price has not been given for the sale of one of these boxes. It never officially hit the shelves and only a few sample boxes were ever created and given to select customers.

Ralston, the cereal company, never went through with the release back in 1990, which is why this box is coveted by so many collectors. One look at the singers on the box's cover and we would have flocked the shelves, but it's obvious the cereal makers felt differently.

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