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1. The Supreme Court ruled that Facebook's automated texts don't count as robocalling. That might be a win for spam callers. Americans already get billions of robocalls and texts each month (we took a look at how you can stop them, though). Here's everything you need to know about the case.

2. Apple has removed Siri's female voice as its default and added two new voices. The change is a continuation of the company's move toward more diversity and inclusion. Listen to the new voices here.

3. VC Keith Rabois has a new side hustle in Miami - as a Barry's Bootcamp instructor. Rabois, an investor behind big tech names like DoorDash, Affirm, and Stripe, joked that his day job was "too easy." We spoke with the VC, who described his foray into fitness.

4. Tim Cook is the latest CEO speaking out on voter-suppression concerns in Georgia. Cook followed Delta and Coca-Cola's execs in slamming the state's controversial new election law, which critics say will stifle voting. See what Cook said about the bill that's been likened to "Jim Crow in the 21st Century."

5. Amazon previously looked into opening discount stores for electronics and home goods. The retail giant considered creating stores to sell leftover warehouse items, Bloomberg reported. While the internal talks have been stalled, a physical Amazon store could be perilous for brick-and-mortar electronics companies.

6. Digital fashion companies are aiming to disrupt the industry. From NFTs to digital garments you can buy online and get fitted to your photos, fashion is being digitized. We spoke to a digital fashion house to better understand the crypto-clothing industry. This is what they told us.

7. Microsoft will make mixed-reality headsets for the US army. The tech company landed a multimillion-dollar contract to make headsets used in training and in the field. See how soldiers could use the headsets.

8. Russia now requires all smartphones and devices to have Russian software preinstalled. Officials have said the law is meant to help Russian software companies compete with international ones. Watch a video of the new setup process.

9. Compass just went public, putting its CEO on track to become America's youngest Black billionaire. 41-year-old Robert Reffkin could pass that marker if shares hit pricing targets. Here's how the company's IPO could earn Reffkin billions. His cofounder, Ori Allon, has no direct reports, a stake worth $405 million, and quietly resigned from the board. Meet Allon here.

10. Gen Z Tik Tok stars are taking on the VC world. "Sway Boys" Josh Richards, Griffin Johnson, and Noah Beck recently enrolled in the Venture University program at VU Venture Partners (here's what they'll be doing while in school). Now, they've launched a $15 million venture fund. More on their fund, Animal Capital.

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