Why the little things count

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The little things in life count; great things cannot be accomplished without nailing the little things. The same is true for the minor and fleeting thoughts as it is for the small and seemingly inconsequential actions.

The gym-fit body represents the compounded effects of every rep put in and every mouthful consumed.

Thriving businesses emerge from the amassing of satisfied customers and a workforce of dedicated and fulfilled employees, devoted to the cause.

A knowledgeable person becomes so through the accumulation of knowledge from each book they read, every fact they absorb and every idea they explore. An expert dominates their field through the gradual and consistent work of years or even decades.

A loving and healthy relationship emerges through repeated and consistent gestures of affection, compassion, understanding and selflessness. It is nurtured by repeatedly putting someone else’s needs ahead of our own.

A millionaire becomes so through each dollar earned and invested, and seldom through the entire fortune land in their laps.

Genuine happiness, a fulfilled and well-lived life isn’t achieved through the occasional momentous high in an otherwise monotonous existence. Instead it comes through grateful acknowledgment of the small stuff and ongoing appreciation for the routine and regular events of each day.

The little things count.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”
-T. Harv Eker

Just as the daily actions and decisions matter, so too do the thoughts and beliefs that flow through our minds in each and every moment. Our inner narrative and the self-talk affects how we feel about life from minute-to-minute. It shapes the results we go on to achieve.

If we think we’ll fail or we think we’ll succeed we’re probably right.

If our minds are dominated by thoughts of scarcity and hardship these will shape our experience of life and all will seem difficult. A focus on abundance and success will conversely encourage us to act in a means that helps to bring them about.

We have the power to shape our own accomplishments through the actions that we take, but our mind plays just as significant a part. It positively or negatively determines the ease of our life, and it’s ours to shape.

Beyond action, the mental and literal pats on the back that we give ourselves from moment to moment, are invaluable in keeping us on the path. They can be cancelled out by the multiple papercuts that hinder progress when we indulge thoughts of self-doubt and fear.

In every project you’ve ever tackled, all you’ve accomplished will have been encouraged through the pats on the back that you offered yourself, and hindered by the papercuts you incurred along the way.

The little thoughts count just as the little actions count.

Forewarned and forearmed you can plan out the action you’ll take towards future endeavours, mindful that each little step along the path matters. How you tackle a task and how much of yourself you invest in it will determine the results you get. So too will the frame of mind you adopt and the self-talk you serve up.

More pats on the back than papercuts will encourage perseverance and preserve resilience and determination for when it’s really needed.


Toby Hazlewood is a writer, parent, husband, project manager, entrepreneur and in his spare time, a cycling enthusiast.

As founder of the Kintsugi-Life movement, he advocates treating times of hardship, challenge and adversity as an opportunity not just to survive or recover, but as a prompt to grow and strengthen, equipping ourselves to live a better, more fulfilled and successful life.

You can learn more about Kintsugi Life and receive a free video overview describing the Kintsugi Life concept, here.

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