There’s been a rare lull in mobile native ad news lately, but MoPub has come to the rescue with the announcement of native ad support for its ad network mediation platform.

The Twitter-owned company claims it’s now the first to offer a full stack native ad serving platform for network mediation. MoPub’s platform lets publishers manage their inventory for native ads the same way they do for standard formats, all within a single interface.

Ad mediation basically allows publishers to unchain themselves from a single ad network, and instead mediate between dozens, thus increasing fill rates and mixing-up revenue sources. Mediation is different to RTB exchanges in that no automated bidding is taking place. MoPub has already announced a native RTB platform, as have a few other companies.

MoPub says its revamped platform allows publishers to minimize custom development work and switch between networks’ built-in mediation control features, while optimizing native ad revenue and prioritizing networks based on performance.


MoPub also says its platform automatically selects the ad source that offers the best CPM, whether it’s from native networks or the MoPub Marketplace. Publishers can also benefit from all the pricing controls and ad serving features the company provides for standard ad formats.

While RTB gets most of the attention these days, native support on mediation platforms is another important piece of the puzzle.  It’s surely only a matter of time before the other major platforms offered by the likes of Burstly, Nexage and Mobfox make similar announcements. Check out our guide to native ads for more info on all the native offerings currently out there.

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