Velo3D announced the general release of its end-to-end metal additive manufacturing (AM) system comprised of the Sapphire system, Flow print preparation software, and Intelligent Fusion technology. The integrated system solves difficult AM challenges including product design limitations, part-to-part consistency, process control and cost-effective manufacturing.

Sapphire system
The Sapphire system is a laser powder-bed metal additive 3D printing system for high volume manufacturing. Sapphire can build complex geometries including designs with overhangs that are less than five degrees and large inner diameters without supports. To deliver part-to-part consistency, Sapphire’s integrated in-situ process metrology enables closed loop melt pool control. To maximize productivity, the Sapphire system contains a module that automates change-over with offline unpacking.

Flow print preparation software
Flow print preparation software includes support generation, process selection, slicing and simulation of complex part designs to validate execution feasibility before a build. Geometrical feature-driven processing enables low angles below five degrees. In addition, deformation correction technology helps users produce parts without the need for iterations, achieving a first print success rate of up to 90%. Flow minimizes the need for supports, reducing typical support volume by 3-5 times, which removes or reduces post processing.

Intelligent Fusion technology
Enabling an end-to-end integrated workflow, Intelligent Fusion powers Flow software and the Sapphire system. Intelligent Fusion optimizes the AM process by combining thermal process simulation, print prediction, and closed-loop control during print execution.

Velo3D systems are currently used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and manufacturing service providers.


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