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nationbuilder-logo-text-horizontal-1000x300 Running a community, whether it is brand supporters or members of a political party, can be a full-time job. From staying on top of everyday operations to recruiting and activating members, keeping organized and being strategic with your community efforts can be a challenge. NationBuilder makes the community organizing experience better, in almost every way.

How NationBuilder works:

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Setup and run your own community website

From building custom and responsive designs to tracking web analytics and referrals, NationBuilder helps you not only set up a website, but manage an effective one. While you’re at it, get your community blog started or add event pages to your site.

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Engage your community

Create a leaderboard to recognize your outstanding members’ actions within your community, and share their accomplishments across the group. Utilize email and text blasting to keep your members up to date on the latest community news and announcements.

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Track your goals

Set goals for everything from referrals and tweets to survey responses and RSVPs. Use customizable secure donation pages to track your fundraising goals.

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It doesn’t stop there.

NationBuilder provides other free features, called “addons.” Here are just a few:

  • Volunteer Addon: Recruit and manage volunteers by providing an easy online sign up, manage a schedule of roles and shifts, and send email and text reminders.
  • Voter Addon: Run a digital campaign with a free voter file and mapping your potential voters, as well as tracking your vote goals and contacts and gathering endorsements
  • Customer Addon: Manage your business by tracking revenue goals, charting your business growth, sending invoices, and setting up follow-up communications with customers that contact you or complete a specific action on your website
  • Activist Addon: Engage your community on issues that they care about by creating petition pages and setting signature goals, asking voters to pledge their votes on your site, and providing a page for voter registration

Take advantage of all that NationBuilder has to offer in order to keep your community organized and engaged. Whether you are running a political campaign, managing a school website, or supporting a good cause, NationBuilder has something for everyone.