Not everyone has heard about an Asian country called the Philippines, but those who have know it to be a tropical paradise.

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Made up of 7,000 islands, the archipelago is home to pristine beaches that draw foreign tourists by the thousands every year.


One of the most popular travel destinations for tourists is a long sliver of land in the north called Palawan. The sparsely populated region relies on tourism for economic stability.

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Soon, however, tourists around the area might be compelled to rethink their tanning plans.

Palawan board member Cherry Pie Acosta wants to ban tourists from wearing thong and g-string bikinis in public beaches. Acosta thinks this type of clothing is offensive to conservative residents.

“This is especially true if they’re around the mainland. We have schools, churches. They’re walking around with their butts out,” she said.

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She added that women wearing revealing outfits will attract unwanted attention and could make men think “negative thoughts” or worse, commit crimes of passion.

“The Provincial Government of Palawan aims to protect the local and foreign tourists from harassment in the province,” Acosta added.


No word on whether male tourists will also be prohibited from walking around shirtless in public.

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