I was just wondering how many of you commute and how long it takes you to get to your office. Why am I asking? After having few weeks of relative rest I started to commute again. It is an extremely commuting. Good think is there is a direct flight between the cities so getting there takes me no longer than four hours. That is what I do every week. Do you consider four hours too many? Still much better compared to what I experienced a year ago or so. With two connecting flights it took me slightly over seven hours. From door to door. Every week on Monday and Thursday. Indeed, it was stressful and since then I decided to slow down a little. Funny thing was that my colleague spent approximately same time on the way even though she lived in the same country. As we didn't work in capital and she was from small town on the other side of the state she needed two flights too. Although telecommuting is getting quite popular these days and I've read a lot about it there still are some jobs requiring your physical presence on site. Which is my case. Shall I say unfortunately? No, no. Of course I like my job. Otherwise I wouldn't join this challenging project. (You understand I had to clarify it. Just in case my customer reads this post.:-)) What is your experience with commuting? Do you telecommute?