The Pentagon has 6 million square feet of floor space
     Across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., stands the Pentagon, headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense. The structure encompasses more than 6 million square feet of floor space and is ranked among the largest office buildings in the world.

Security footage of plane crashing into Pentagon
     On September 11, 2001, shortly after terrorists flew hijacked commercial airliners into New York City’s World Trade Center, another hijacked plane struck the Pentagon, killing 189 people and damaging roughly one-third of the building. The extensive post-9/11 repairs and renovations of the Pentagon were completed in exactly one year.

Pentagon has new data breach rules with regulations governing how the defense industry should report cybersecurity incidents. Contractors and subcontractors must report “cyber incidents that result in an actual or potentially adverse effect” on either the contractor’s information system and data, or its ability to “provide operationally critical support.”

The Pentagon denies F-35 numbers review; it is not conducting a formal review of F-35 planned procurement numbers. However, Gen. Joe Dunford hinted the total projected buy of the F-35 — 2,443 in total, is spread across three models for the Air Force, Marines and Navy — was underway.

Pentagon directs shock and survivability tests of Carrier Ford. It rejected a US Navy plan to carry out shock and survivability tests on the second ship of its new aircraft carrier design, and instead directed the service to test the first ship — even though doing so may delay the ship's first deployment by at least half a year.

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Email system used by Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff hacked into by Russia. The Moscow cyber attack against the Defense Department happened in late July and about 4,000 government email accounts were infiltrated, forcing the military to take it off line and "cleanse" it.

Pentagon goes under a broader umbrella of enterprise IT services. It's a military-wide shift where the Defense Department will operate in its Single Service Provider-Pentagon effort.

Pentagon under investigation by Inspector General for  overseeing the anti-Islamic State campaign and distorting or altering intelligence assessments to exaggerate progress against the militant group.

Pentagon looks at state-side prisons to house Gitmo prisoners. It's taking a serious look at the military prison in Kansas and the Navy Brig in South Carolina as it evaluates potential U.S. facilities to house detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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