Parasoft adds Test Case Sniffer to JTest

Jtest 7.0, Parasoft's automated error-prevention solution, includes Test Case Sniffer, a technology that quickens the unit testing process. Test Case Sniffer monitors a running application and automatically generates unit-test cases that capture application behavior.

DataMirror announces PointBase 5.3

DataMirror has added new features to its Java relational database. PointBase 5.3 includes larger data type support, enhanced query performance, greater application control, parallel reads/writes, and database auditing support.

Compuware adds new process model to OptimalJ

Compuware's latest release of OptimalJ is designed to extend model-driven development to an entire development team. Version 4.0 includes a new process model based on the UML 2.0 Activity Diagram; Pattern Plaza, a developer resource for information and collaboration; and a new developer edition for Eclipse.

Advanced Installer for Java 3.0 now available

Caphyon has released Advanced Installer for Java 3.0, a Windows installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java applications. The tool provides a native launcher for Java applications, where users can see and use Java programs just like regular Windows native executables.

Koalog updates Constraint Solver

Koalog Constraint Solver 2.5 is a Java library for constraint programming. It solves satisfaction and optimization problems including scheduling, planning, routing, time-tabling, resource allocation, and configuration.

MobiForms 2.0 speeds developer productivity

MobiForms Version 2.0, a rapid application development tool for mobile database applications, is now available. The tool automates the development process and removes the need for the application developer to know Java.

Catalyst announces Openmake 6.4

Catalyst Systems Corporation has updated its development tool for automated build management. Openmake 6.4 incorporates new features for project build activity scheduling and tracking, reporting tools for knowledge-based metrics analysis, and added support for IBM- and Eclipse-based software development and PERL environments.

JBox offers new system for developing J2SE embedded applications

VIA Technologies and iGoLogic have introduced JBox, an embedded x86 system for developing J2SE embedded applications. JBox offers dedicated hardware and software for developing, testing, and implementing J2SE embedded programs on either Solaris or Linux.

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