Process the Copy Cube

1.  Right-click the new OPTIMAL SCHEMA cube.

2.  Select Process... from the context menu that appears, as depicted in Illustration 4.

Illustration 4: Select Process... from the Context Menu

The Process a Cube dialog appears, as depicted in Illustration 5, with the processing method defaulted to Full Process (as this is the first time the cube has been processed).

Illustration 5: Full Process Selected in the Process a Cube Dialog

3.  Click OK to begin processing.

Processing begins. The Process viewer displays various logged events, then presents a green Processing completed successfully message, as shown in Illustration 6.

Illustration 6: Indication of Successful Processing Appears (Compact View)

If we examine the SQL generated in processing the cube (by highlighting either of the rows beginning with the word "Partition," in the Process viewer, then clicking View Details), we will see that the joins under consideration are in effect.

4.  Click Close to dismiss the viewer.

We will next examine representative properties of the OPTIMAL SCHEMA cube, as they appear in the design left by the departing developer, before undertaking the process for selecting the Optimize Schema option to make the cube process faster.