Of course the Internet is a millennial. Yesterday the world celebrated the 25th birthday of the Internet, with its inventor, scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, asking the online community for an online “bill of rights” as a gift on its behalf. Berners-Lee says it’s time for a “free, open and truly global Internet” and believes that the global network must be protected. happy-birthday-internet

As digital marketers, we too owe the Internet a great debt—after all, we wouldn’t have jobs without it. Here are ten belated birthday gifts that content marketers can give the Internet and make it a better, happier place to live.

1. Less content: How many articles and blog posts have you read lately about how cluttered the Internet is? Content shock is real, and there’s just one way to cure it: stop creating so damn much of it. Quantity doesn’t matter at all if quality is low. Content marketers must spend time and resources creating smarter content, not simply more of it.

2. Better content curation: Creating smart content is important, but so is using content that already exists. Use content curation tools to help you find, sort and distribute content to the right audiences and build better online communities.

3. Truly useful content: The best content asks for nothing in return for reading it; instead, it helps the reader solve a problem. Research what your audience needs and optimize your content for where your potential customer is in the buying cycle, which can help Internet users find what they’re looking for more quickly.

4. Better social media stewardship: The art of sharing content is still evolving, and content marketers know that content distribution is just as important as content creation. And as digital PR becomes an integral element of SEO, social media will only increase in importance. Content marketers must learn to blend the two so that the various areas of digital marketing begin to speak the same language.

5. Personalized content:  Social media is just one of the types of content that can be tailored and personalized for a small community or an individual. Reaching out to someone and speaking to them directly can be powerful, especially in a space with so many different voices struggling to be heard.

6. Better educated marketers: The Internet has become an important part of our everyday lives, and it’s critical that the people who control the online marketplace work to stay up on current and emerging trends. To learn more about how content distribution and promotion are changing the face of content marketing, download our Content Promotion & Distribution Cheat Sheet today.

In less than three decades, the Internet has completely changed the way people communicate, learn, shop and do business. Content marketers have the power to influence millions of Internet users every day—and we owe it to Internet and the people who use it to market responsibly. Let’s give the Internet these gifts this year and in years to come.

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