Today at MediaOps, we are really excited to announce the launch of RecruitOps, a new and exciting way for companies to find the right candidates for hard-to-fill technical positions. It’s also a great place to find your next career stop.

Sitting at the nexus of a worldwide audience of the biggest DevOps, cloud-native and cyber talent pool in the world—and a destination where organizations ranging from startups to enterprises come to stay relevant— and other MediaOps destinations provide the perfect partner for this mission.

The Usual Suspects Don’t Work

For the last three or four years, I’ve been receiving multiple calls every week asking if we can help organizations find talent to fill their open reqs. Finding and hiring good DevOps, cloud-native and cyber talent is difficult and expensive and can be frustrating. Many companies have discovered that job boards and LinkedIn-type solutions create lots of noise, yielding slim pickings of viable candidates. Most candidates are misfits, either skills-wise or geographically.

Also, traditional recruiters are not only expensive but they also operate in factory mode, often flooding your inbox with resumes of candidates they haven’t actually vetted first. There is a better way to do this—we think we have cracked the formula.

By the same token, I receive messages on LinkedIn every day from people I don’t even know asking to help them find a DevOps or cyber job. The process of applying and being one of many résumés in a pile is not something they excel at navigating.

Over the years we have tried job boards and relationships with large job fulfillment organizations. None of them were very successful. They were just not an effective way of matching our large audience of DevOps professionals with the many companies and organizations looking to find the right talent to fill their technical roles.

RecruitOps: A Better Way

My co-founder at MediaOps, Martin Logan, has lived this dilemma for years now. His full-time roles have been in building large engineering, product and DevOps teams in the online travel, retail, mortgage and gaming industries. He has tried every method you can think of.

What Martin discovered was that the most effective method was to work with a small group of recruiters. These recruiters had to be very familiar with the technology and technical requirements of a requested position. They had to be able to talk the technical talk and understand it. More than that, though, they had to understand the culture and environment in which the candidate would work and what it would take to be successful there. This kind of information is best gained by developing a strong personal relationship with the hiring manager and the manager of the prospective technical position.

That is the model we have built RecruitOps around. Our founding recruiters are people Martin has personally invested months and years in training. They know how to find the perfect fit for your technical roles. They know how to work with your organization and what it takes to be successful. They will not throw résumés at the wall to see what sticks.

This is not a high-volume, résumé factory. At RecruitOps our recruiters are very familiar with the technical requirements that candidates must possess. They spend a lot of time with the hiring manager and position manager to understand what the perfect candidate must have skills-, temperament- and team fit-wise.

Our RecruitOps recruiters then spend a lot of time getting to know the candidates before they send them to you. Combining, Security Boulevard, Container Journal and even the DevOps Institute, our pool of talent for these technical jobs is deeper than just about anyone. We will find you the perfect fit guaranteed, or you don’t owe anything.

No Risk to You

Yes, that is another feature of RecruitOps: There is no risk on your end. If our candidate does not work out, you don’t owe anything. There is no money upfront—it’s a risk-free proposition all around. You literally have nothing to lose and great technical team members to gain.

Does this sound like a better way for you? If so, head over to and get started today.

Likewise, if you are looking for your next career move, head over to RecuitOps and put yourself on our radar. It is the first step in working with us to find you the perfect fit as well.

In the Middle of a Pandemic?

I know what some of you are saying: Wow, we are in the middle of a COVID-induced economic catastrophe. Isn’t this an odd time to start a recruiting business? You may be right. But we think this is the perfect time to start RecruitOps. Companies are realizing that there is actually some great talent available. Still hard to find, but more available than six months ago, perhaps.

Also, organizations that are digitally transforming need help from technical people to make these transformation happen in a secure manner. We are betting smart organizations are adding great talent if they can get it because great talent is always in demand.

Are you a smart organization looking to add great talent? Head on over to