Yahoo is closing email accounts that haven’t been logged into in 12 months or longer. These email addresses will be released for the public to claim.

Clean out those old Yahoo email addressesThis is important for anybody with an email list, as it could affect some of the addresses on their list(s).

Those subscribers won’t be valid after July 15.

So you’ll either be mailing to dead addresses, which can impact your deliverability, or the new owners will start getting your newsletters, and will be upset that you are emailing them.

They will either unsubscribe or mark you as spam. The latter can negatively affect whether ISPs such as Gmail and Outlook accept your emails.

If you are running your lists through AWeber (that’s who I use and I love them), they have detailed the steps on their blog to clean out dormant Yahoo addresses.

They also encourage customers to call them if you need help at 877-293-2371 or 215-825-2196.

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