Recently, Gaurav Sabnis, an employee of IBM, India resigned from his job as a result of one of his bog entries, which led to a wrangling between Gaurav and Indian Institute of Planning and Management and Dr Arindam Chaudhuri, the dean of the institute. In his blog entry dated Aug'05, 2005, "The fraud that is IIPM", Gaurav links to an article "The Truth bout IIPM's Tall claims", which questions the claims made by the institute in their advertisements. Gaurav goes one step further and attacks Dr Choudhuri and questions his credibility and competence as "Management Guru". As a consequence of his blog entry, IIPM has threatened a legal action against Gaurav and asked him to remove his blog entry from IIPM and its students union who are customers of Lenovo (formerly IBM PC division) laptops have also threatened Lenovo, India of demonstrations and burning of their Lenovo laptops outside of Lenovo office in New Delhi. Subsequent to these threats, Gaurav has unilaterally made a decision to resign from his job in the best interest of IBM and also in favour of his right to freedom of speech bestowed upon him by Indian Constitution. I do not want to make any observations on who is right and who is wrong as that is what probably courts and individual reader can decide. However, I am not surprised at the way IIPM has reacted (or probably over reacted) on the matter. Clearly, IIPM did not take the criticism of its dean kindly. Incidentally, I am not aware if IIPM has threatened a similar legal action against Jam magazine, where the article about IIPM initially appeared, and which did not make any comment on Dr Arindam Chaudhuri, the dean of IIPM. If that is indeed the case, then it should explain why IIPM has gone after Gaurav and not Jam magazine. Blogger community can draw lessons through this bizarre, unfortunate and avoidable incident as most of the blogger community comprises of amateur & enthusiast writers without any formal education and training in journalism.