It would be rather handy to have my wifi access point in a separate place to my router. At the moment I'm using the wifi on the router. I'm also thinking of whether I should should put smart home stuff on a separate wifi network, so having a vlan capable access point would be useful for that aspect.

Ubiquity seems to be the go to at least on Youtube. However, it seems that they don't use a web interface and need an application, which in linux is java based and there are a few hurdles to jump to get it up and running on slackware. I'd rather not make running the software to configure my access point a mini project in its own right - I want something that just works. I appreciate I might be able to use the android app and ignore slackware for the config? Looking at other access points with a web interface might be an alternative.

Has anyone been down this route? If so, what was your experience?