How often have you wished you could get inside the heads of executives screening candidates for the most senior roles?

This webinar is your opportunity to hear firsthand how a seasoned, global HR professional thinks about and assesses executive potential. During the interview Pramukh Jeyathilak will share a framework he uses to evaluate top talent and discuss how he mentors people to help them overcome barriers on their climb to the top.

The interview will address:

  1. What differentiates high potential leaders from the rest of the pack?
  2. If you don’t have “It” – how you can get “It”
  3. What are the 3 most common interview pitfalls for senior exec wannabes and how to avoid them?
  4. Does geography matter?
  5. Does age matter?
  6. Can a mentor can be a game changer?

As Jeyathilak summed up in a 2012 interview, “Most of the time, we self-impose limitations on the “what and how” of our thinking and problem solving, but a good mentoring relationship helps remove these limitations.”


About the Author

Gayle Rigione is Ivy Exec’s Chief Community Development Officer. Gayle spent 15 years in diverse relationship management and senior management roles at MasterCard International, Arthur Andersen Strategic Services, and Bankers Trust Company. She earned her MBA from Columbia.