Love Lines: The YA Heat Map Infographic

Why don’t you take off that book jacket and stay a little while? Think your favorite book is the *steamiest*? We created this heat map to show you just how romantic 15 young adult novels really are.

Ever wish there was a way to visually see exactly where in a romance novel things really start to heat up? If yass, then we’d like to present you our newest bookish infographic, Love Lines! This heat map shows how many times the words LOVE, LIPS and KISS are used throughout each novel and where in the novels they appear. You’re probably thinking that all the hot stuff doesn’t happen until the end of teen books, but after looking at this graphic, you’ll see that not every romantic scenes happens at the end in YA!

How to read this infographic

  • The pink bubbles represent the word LIPS
  • The teal bubbles represent the word LOVE
  • The orange bubbles represent the word KISS
  • Where the bubbles begin marks the beginning of the book and where the bubbles stop, marks the end of each novel.
  • The bigger the bubble = the more often that word appears in that part of the book

Click on the image below to view it at a larger size!

Love Lines: The YA Heat Map Infographic by Epic Reads

So why did we choose these words? Love and Kiss are obvious by why Lips? Here’s why: Something we noticed recently, after a serious reading marathon, was that kissy scenes in YA books aren’t always described with the word kiss (or kissing, kissed, kisses, ect). Instead, a lot of kissy scenes are described with the word lips (And then his lips were on mine.) Therefore, we decided it was imperative that we include the word “lips” in our research for this infographic! #TheMoreYouKnow

The total number of times the words LOVE, LIPS, and KISS appear:

But of course, just those 3 words can’t really tell you how hot a book really is, so to really find out for yourself, you’ll just have to read the books! 😍😉


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