New Features

  • Go-to-definition for overloaded operators @Undin

  • “Extract function” refactoring now support return type(s) @farodin91

  • Insert semicolon when complete use statements @mhaessig

  • Notify about files outside of Cargo projects

  • Expand lazy_static! macro (!)

  • Slightly more intuitive behavior when inserting () with completion

  • Don’t scroll Cargo console to end if there are errors

  • Enable automatic fixing of macro and lifetime parameter naming conven @kumbayo

  • “Implement methods” intention renamed to “Implement members” @ttaomae

  • Auto complete #[macro_use] on “mod mod_name;” @kumbayo

  • Error codes (E0000) in error annotations are now clickable links @shssoichiro


  • Locate Cargo manifest & working directory properly

  • Correctly rebuild workspace when adding stdlib

  • Resolve bindings in else branch of ‘if let’ expression correctly @Undin

  • Allow spaces in the new project name

  • Fixed carret position after “Add curly braces” intention apply

  • Fix E0121 false positive @ttaomae

  • “Implement methods” intention now correctly inserts unsafe modifier @ttaomae

Internal Improvements

  • Cache package content root

  • Agressive TOML plugin refactoring