There it is! Summer holidays are over… (sniff)! But hey, how not to be excited to come back to work when you did great homeworks and that it is now time to show them to everyone?!

“I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!” — Elium and Serena have said “yes” to each others 🎈

If you are looking for a collaborative platform centered on knowledge sharing for your business, then you should definitely give Elium a try!

The company that raised €4 millions from Serena Capital, offers an intuitive and 100% SaaS cloud internal corporate networks and gives its clients the capacity to accelerate the sharing of critical information (from internal and external sources). The overall performance also increases through the reuse of good business practices that every employee can easily share and find.

Knowledge sharing has become a centerpiece for employee productivity and consequently the whole company competitiveness. We are excited to join forces with the Elium team to improve the way the information circulates!

“1, 2, 3, baby you and me!” — Dataiku and Serena reiterate their ❤ for the 3rd time 💃

Dataiku raises another $28M funding to bring data science to everyone!

10 months after a $14M Series A, the French publisher of the famous software platform for predictive analysis ‘Data Science Studio’ doubles the lead. This great round-table draws them closer to their goal of bringing together the whole data community. They help data analysts communicate with data scientists to build more meaningful data applications.

Serena Capital is very happy to contribute to the rise of a great French start-up as one of the biggest digital and data player in the world. And this since 2014. There is no stopping them, congrats!

“Plug it, Surf it, Love it, Machine Learnit.” — Vekia: €12M to revolutionise the Supply Chain thanks to Machine Learning 📦

Vekia is recognized as a leader in AI and an expert in forecasting demand and supply management. They are also a figure in the French Tech scenery.

Following a first fundraising of €2.4M in 2015, this €12M Series B will help them offering next-generation Supply Chain solutions. Their SaaS solution can already increase companies’ turnover up to 5% while at the same time reducing their stocks up to 30%. This new capital will give them the means of expanding to Britain, the United States and Asia.

Vekia has all the potential to become a world-renowned actor, and we are glad to help them rising to the top!

Yup! As you see, we were not short of things to do! And this is by no means the end of the story, see you very soon ;)


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