Another Friday means another roundup of new and exciting virtual reality (VR) titles being released on each major headset over the first week of February 2020. Make sure to check out the accompanying YouTube video to get a full preview of each videogame.

Throw Anything – Visual Light

Fight this onslaught of brain-hungry, wall-climbing zombies by throwing any object around you at them – including humans! A mysterious individual known only as “Scientist X” has taken over the world, wreaking havoc on mankind by releasing a deadly zombie virus. It’s up to you to stop this endless cycle of pain in this 6-stage challenge which takes place across various destructible environments. Also featuring rewards for users in the form of powerful weapons.

  • Supported platforms: PlayStation VR
  • Launch date: 6th February

Master Bladesmith – Elixir Games

This unique RPG features a combination of both first- and third-person gameplay in VR. Mine for materials and from raw ore materials, shape your own powerful custom swords and protective armour. Featuring full freedom of movement, VR users can put the swords and armour through their paces with a special chamber while building up a personal stash of money and precious artefacts along your journey.

Abelana's Atom MakerStraylight – Dr Bloc

In a mechanic built exclusively for VR, experience deadly new worlds in this new VR platforming experience, Straylight. Users must make a deadly journey, avoiding deadly obstacles as you fly, swing and soar through increasingly difficult cosmic worlds, with the simple sole aim of reaching the very end of this universe.

Abelana’s Atom Maker – Abelana VR

Users can perfect their understanding of atom composition in this educational VR experience by visualising and putting them together step-by-step in this immersive 3D environment. Learn about the ordering, configuration and grouping of elements within the Periodic Table, along with the history of each element.