Here’s one from the ‘I.. want.. one..’ department.

Picture it. You’re using your right hand to add elegant flowing curves to a nice header graphic on your Touch Senstive LCD Display, in Photoshop. But why should your left hand be shunned? It is no more, as it taps away at ‘paint bucket’ and ‘magic wand’ keys on your shiny new Optimus Keyboard.

Close upThough still in early production, when complete the Optimus (yes, like the Transformer) will use small OLEDs in each key to display keyboard layouts specific to the application you’re currently using. What is normally an ‘S’ key in Notepad displays a small ‘stamp’ icon when you’re using Photoshop and perhaps a ‘BFG’ in Quake.

True, the product is still ‘in production’, but Art Lebedev say they expect to have it on sale in 2006 at a price comparable to an upmarket mobile phone. I doubt both those points, but if it was on offer the next time I updated my system… it will be mine!