How was your week, guys? Mine was far, far too busy and I’m not sure things are letting up anytime soon. Like, I literally re-read my own post about how to enjoy work even when you’re really busy and kind of overwhelmed. Here’s hoping I make more sensible scheduling decisions next week!

But enough about me, let’s talk about links!

Wow. Have you seen this list of requirements for flight attendants? And these weren’t pulled from some 1945 employee manual – these are current!

Fellow cold climate dwellers, here two things I’ve been loving:
1. Adding a few drops of this to my daily moisturizer; now I’m dewy AF.
2. This lipgloss. Somehow it feels more moisturizing than any chapstick I’ve used!

Related: I’ve re-committed to using more cruelty-free beauty products. Have you seen or tried Essence cosmetics? They’re suuuuuuper affordable, available at a few Targets (and, they don’t test on animals and they’ve incorporated philanthropy into their business model!

Ha! Yes. Levels of purse anxiety it’s possible to have.
I Thought There Was A Hair Tie In Here But As I Blindly Rummage Around My Nerveless Fingers Grab Only Air

That’s Not The Chapstick I Was Looking For This One Leaves A Whiteish Waxy Coating On My Lips But Any Port In A Storm


Interesting. Did you know that donating directly to the extremely poor (rather than to NGOs with high operating costs) can be one of the most effective ways to end poverty? The data-backed evidence and donation opportunities here.

A really powerful post about new beginnings.
What makes a new beginning so difficult? One thing that makes it so difficult to start something new is that we don’t really know where to start. Yes, of course, the possibilities are endless. They are infinity, in fact. But that is part of what makes it so difficult to know exactly where to begin. Because where should you begin when you can begin anywhere? In the face of all that possibility, all that blank space, it is easy to feel a little intimidated, even a little lonely.

Have you seen Kate Funk’s line of cards featuring her cat in amazing costumes? WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS FIRST.

Related: Country cat lady coloring book! Dolly Parton + cats = win!

Dolce & Gabbana launched a line of hijabs and abayas!

Want to work out in clothes that weren’t made by children in sweatshops? Me, too! Elise rounds up some great ethical workout gear!

The 10 best feminist quotes of 2015.
“I have a personality defect where I sort of refuse to see myself as an underdog. I often am reminded of it when people ask why I am confident. It’s because my parents…they raised me with the entitlement of a tall, blonde, white man.” 

Oooooh!  A ‘department store for the mind‘ – into it!

Cracked is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites. Today: 6 harsh truths that will make you a better person.
Inside, you have great compassion for poor people. Great. Does that result in you doing anything about it? Do you hear about some terrible tragedy in your community and say, “Oh, those poor children. Let them know that they are in my thoughts”? Find out what they need and help provide it. A hundred million people watched that Kony video, virtually all of whom kept those poor African children “in their thoughts.” What did the collective power of those good thoughts provide? Nothing. Children die every day because millions of us tell ourselves that caring is just as good as doing. It’s an internal mechanism controlled by the lazy part of your brain to keep you from actually doing work.

Made me laugh!

This is totally random, but if you make lots of smoothies, soups, cashew milk or vegan cheeses (guilty as charged!) you neeeeed this. I am loathe to purchase kitchen gadgets but after trying to make smoothies in my food processor and eating big pieces of spinach, I bought this guy and I use him 4-5 times a week! And it’s so easy to clean!

Love it. Meet King Bansah: Part-Time Monarch, Full-Time Auto Mechanic

Ha! I Ate Like Tom and Gisele for 17 Hours and Lived to Tell the Tale.
11:20 AM:
Pre-lunch emergency snack. Eating gluten-free oatmeal with organic brown sugar and chalky walnuts while listening to Adele is a tragic experience. Do you think I’ll run into a co-worker here at my desk on a highly trafficked hallway? How will I explain these tears? I’ll tell them a vacation request I put through got rejected.

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