Chapter 244 Real Steel

Ilea smiled brightly at the finished product. The armor had the exact same form but was a little less dark. Still black but Niameer had a midnight like property to it that the coating to her Rose Hunter sets just couldn’t replicate. A good thing she had taken the mold with her, the armor as if she was wearing a body suit. It was heavier, certainly but her power had increased continuously since the group of smiths had made her first set back in Virilya. Plus I’m getting enchantments done as well.

Goliath’s eyes danced happily as it watched her move around in the armor. “I love it.”

“It was a mold, not one made by me but still. I am happy to be of service, Ashen Hunter.”

“Why hunter?” Ilea asked, curious at the name. She did identify as a warrior as far as she knew.

The smith started melting down an ingot of Niameer, ten of them put in a crate and stored in her necklace. Four had been reserved for the dwarf. “The armor was made for you. It has chosen the name Rose Hunter. You look more like a hunter to me. I do not know what the word rose means.”

Ilea laughed at that and smiled, “You’re how many thousand years old and don’t know what a rose is?” Instantly regretting it she instead continued, “It’s a flower. No offense, I was just caught off guard. Here, they’re usually other colors than silver and not made of metal.” She said and summoned the silver rose she had gotten from the Tremor dungeon.

The smith made joyous eyes and carefully took the rose, “Marvelous. You see, my curse withers most plants, especially delicate things like flowers. They are of life after all.” Handing it back to her, she held up her hand.

“Keep it. I can get more of them.”

“A gift I shall treasure, Ilea, huntress of ash.” It whispered and bowed.

She tested out moving in the armor for a while, her other four sets cooling in their buckets after (...)