Held on July 24 2018

Gareth Chapman and Bill Burton talks in depth about how Oracle Trace File Analyzer works. Here's a quick guide to the highlights:

01:46 What is Oracle's goal in developing TFA
04:02 As TFA is included in the GI & DB Homes, does it get upgraded as part of RUs?
05:52 Can I still upgrade to the latest version of TFA without applying a RU?
07:46 Is there any difference between the MOS version of TFA and the one included in the RUs?
10:02 What will happen if I apply a RU which has an older version?
11:52 What's the difference between a root install and non-root?
14:59 How do I get notified of new issues TFA detects?
17:29 Can TFA automatically upload to MOS?
18:50 Where will collections be stored?
19:57 Does TFA make sure there is space to store the collection?
22:22 How can I make a targeted collection?
25:17 What else can TFA do apart from taking collections?

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