Immigration problems seem to be making more and more headlines over the past years, whether the Europe’s controversial refugee policy or the border wall that President Trump advocates to build. People around the globe continue to pay attention to the immigration issues. Therefore, my research mainly focuses on two hashtags on Twitter — #pro-immigration & #anti-immigration — to show how they were used and who use them the most within the last seven days.

First, I analyze the relationship between the number of followers and retweets. To some extent, the followers of the hashtag authors negatively correlates with the retweets, which means the fewer the followers are, the more the hashtag retweeted.

Take #pro-immigration as an example. The highest number of retweets is 253, whose followers are between 0 to 4990, while the lowest is only 1, and followers ranges from 85k to 89.99k. The 6 and 2 retweets are followed by 5000~9.99k users and 20k~24.99k users, respectively. However, the author who has 35k~39.9k followers is an exception, with 4 retweets.

Data shows that the followers of #anti-immigration are much more than #pro-immigration, so as the highest retweets, up to 493 and 0~49k followers. The lowest retweet of #anti-immigration is also 1, but the authors are followed by 3.95M~3.999M users.

Then, I find out the Top 5 Twitter accounts that mention #pro-immigration and #anti-immigration. It’s notable that U.S. president Donald Trump, whose Twitter account is @realDonaldTrump, is the most active user of both #pro-immigration and #anti-immigration, mentioning each hashtag 12 times and 10 times, respectively.

According to my research, @AOC mentions #pro-immigration 8 times, @DylanGoodluck and @Lrihendry 4 times and @KTHopkins 3 times.

As for the #anti-immigration, beside Donald Trump, the Top 5 in turn are @AndewScheer, mentioning 8 times, @jeremycorbyn 7 times, @iamlqrakhaid and @MaximeBernier 6 times.

Additionally, I compare the Top 5 hashtags related to #pro-immigration and #anti-immigration. It shows that #immigration, #brexit (#BrexitBritain) and #ados (#ADOS) are both connected to the opposite hashtags, in which #immigration is mentioned 6 times in total. These common hashtags speak for the users’ concerns, especially the ADOS movement, which seeks to address the fact that African Americans have been neglected by America, also the impact of Brexit on immigration policy.

There are two other hashtags tie up with #pro-immigration — #MAGA (Make America Great Again), 2 times and #amnesty (Amnesty International), 1 time, reflecting the Trump’s immigration policy, like End Catch-and-Release, Move Criminal Aliens Out Day One and End Sanctuary Cities.

Based on my research, #cdnpoli (the most popular Canadian political hashtag) and #Italy, separately mentioned 4 times and 3 times, are associated with #anti-immigration due to the open policy of Canada and Italy to welcome migration or refugee several years ago, both met with strong opposition from the society.

In general, the influence of #anti-immigration, in terms of mentions, retweets and followers, is higher than #pro-immigration. Brexit, refugee crisis in EU and America’s border wall are terms related most to immigration issues.