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Add some new ideas to your language studies this summer with our popular roundup of this season's hottest language learning resources and tools.

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Here are the nominees for top tool of the summer:


Music Planet Roadtrip

Lindsay has long been a big fan of learning languages through music. If you are ready to discover the entire world in languages, then this podcast is the perfect motivation for you. From BBC Radio 3.



Genius is a database of song lyrics, but with a very special twist: Users make their own comments and they can explain more about what’s going on in those song lyrics.

Find a song in your target language, read the comments written in that language, and bingo! You’ve hit a music language learning jackpot.


Teach Yourself Library

This app-based library offers online and offline access to lots of free audio courses and recordings to go with the Teach Yourself series of study books. The app is fairly easy to use and offers something for everyone who loves Teach Yourself’s fantastic series such as Script Hacking, Language Hacking, and Get Talking.



A wonderful internet rabbit hole! Evernote is a font foundry with focus on minority languages. And it’s also a publishing house focusing on weird and wonderful languages and stories.

This is where you can find Alice in Wonderland printed in the International Phonetic Alphabet, translations and original non-translated writing in minority languages (Uropi, Hawaiian, Cornish..), and weirdly a cookbook for how to cook goat. 


Insight Timer

Get comfortable and calm…this is a free meditation timer app which offers a big selection of guided meditations in all kinds of languages. Select up to five languages you know and the app will recommend recordings like calm breathing in French and morning meditations in Danish.



On the surface, Pleco is a really good Chinese dictionary app. Under the hood, it can do even more and offers graded reader products, pronunciation help, and flashcards for vocabulary study. As you know, I always love an app that does one thing really well, and Pleco is hitting it out of the park for Chinese study.



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