Facebook recently made waves when it allowed a previously banned video portraying intense violence back on the site. Some users think that Facebook should just allow anyone to post anything and not get involved in censorship, but others worry about young people on the site and people who don’t properly label the content they post. What do the majority of people think about Facebook censorship?

facebook videos

Facebook Videos

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 17% of Facebook users said they often watch videos on the site. 38% said they sometimes watch videos on Facebook. 24% said they rarely watch videos. And 21% said they never do. So the type of content that is allowed in Facebook videos may be relevant to many of the site’s users. But how often are videos seen as controversial or inappropriate?

Inappropriate Content

15% of Facebook users said that they often find videos or other media shared on Facebook inappropriate. 44% said they sometimes find Facebook media inappropriate. 25% said they rarely find such posts inappropriate. And 16% said they never find videos or similar media shared on Facebook inappropriate. But finding content to be personally offensive doesn’t necessarily mean that people want those videos taken down or not allowed on the site. What do they think about Facebook’s policies?

Facebook Censorship

34% of Facebook users think that the site should definitely censor the type of content that people share on the site. 52% said they think Facebook should only censor content in very specific cases. And 14% said they don’t think Facebook should ever censor content on the site.

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Results were collected on October 24 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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