Information & debate about the acquisition

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Microsoft Github acquisition

Information & debate about the acquisition

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Microsoft has announced an agreement to acquire GitHub

This repositroy aims to accept thoughtful contributions all sides of the issue & we encourage linking to in-depth analysis and discussion.

Work in progress

Comparison of GitHub alternatives


Github's Response

Microsoft's Response

Some Github alternatives

A collection of relevant comments about this topic on Github & across the web.

Motivation for this repo

In response to the IF_MS_BUYS_GITHUB_IMMA_OUT repo, there is a need for open-minded discussion about all aspects of the issue.

The owner of said repo has chosen to be very heavy-handed deleting comments, blocking, closing/editing/hiding entire threads by users who offer criticism, and even completely disabling the issues page when people (Good, productive people) repeatedly pushed for sanity. They are actively discouraging discourse and seem solely focused on gaining popularity for their own means.

The goal here is to offer a more balanced discussion with much less rheotoric from either side.