It is hard to find the right words. There is nothing new to see, nothin’ else to expect, to eagerly await. The dream is over, I’m awake.

For the previous two extended installments, I could not wait and kept buggin’ the local distributor for weeks, hoping to pick it up the same day it’s out.

Because of the personal tragedy, enthusiasm for the last part was missing. I did not bought it the first day it was in the store. The whole week passed, as I decided to wait for the collector’s gift set edition to appear.

The urge to watch as soon as I got home was also gone. With Two Towers, I first got it into the DVD player, hit Play and then took my shoes off and changed clothes (while the intro was running). With Return of the King, I got home, talked to my girlfriend, called my mom and sister in Pirot, had dinner…there was no rush at all.

Ring, with faded image of Arwen Undomiel

I finished the first watching now, and despite the dark thoughts that clouds my mind in the last few weeks, Return of the King managed to transcend me into this beautiful, enchanted world - for those few hours I was…calm. Words fail me and are slow to come by. It will need more viewings. I might never get to do the actual writing of the whole trilogy. It would not matter really. These will be the movies I will replay for life.