iPhone 5c

You might be searching for iPhone 5C these days, because you thought its price has plummeted at some point over the years. Well, it is cheaper iPhone, but it is not a cheap iPhone.

Affordable iPhone

Although the iPhone 5C was in the headlines of being an affordable iPhone, it wasn’t able to convince the masses because it wasn’t cheap enough. In fact, the C series never upgraded to the second generation.

Fortunately, having a mix of refurbished and pre-owned Apple devices in the market, the iPhone 5C is still one of the most cost-efficient ways of owning an iPhone these days. Moreover, it still provides an undeniable iPhone experience on screen, even if the plastic shell might not be as appealing as every other iPhone models.

Back in the day, the iPhone 5C was one of Apple’s recipes to capture the market. Apple offered a slightly more affordable device by finally breaking rank from the premium design. However, buyers have been warned that the 5C was not a rival of the mid-range Android device.

iPhone 5C Price Drop

Nevertheless, the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has forced a price drop with some storage limitation. Those who wanted to buy a brand new 5C in the past might have to pay US$450 for the 8GB model. But, the cheaper iPhone model then was about to go out of stock, because Apple has finally stopped selling the phone.

Plastic Vs Metal Shell

Despite all that, a lot of people are still after the outdated model because of the iPhone 5C’s lower cost. But, some have taken the plastic versus metal debate quite seriously that they would look and feel rather cheap. Similarly, Apple fans have criticized top products from Samsung due to the polycarbonate materials used.

Same High Quality iPhone Interior

Regardless of the absence of premium materials found in more recent models, the iPhone 5C is not necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, its polycarbonate exterior comes in a variety of colorful choices, such as pink, yellow, white, blue, and green. Those who possess an iPod should be well versed in this type of conversation.

The iPhone 5C was once compared with the Nokia Lumia range due to its fluorescent characteristics. In fact, the Lumia 635 has the most similar appearance to this model. Some say that its bright colors has made the iPhone 5C look somewhat childish.

However, if you look beyond the plastic case, it would feel structurally sound as you would feel it in your hand. Moreover, you can rest assured that the steel frame inside the polycarbonate exterior makes you less concerned that you would smash it anytime as you would any expensive iPhone X.

There is also no risk of interfering with the signal, even if you hold the iPhone 5C on your left hand. This is because the steel frame also acts as the antenna. Therefore, there is nothing wrong on how you handle the phone. Likewise, you can have more peace of mind than using more expensive iPhone models that are clad in glass on the front and back.

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