A new trend is emerging in the personal assistant app world as mobility and ease of use converges with intelligent response. In just the same way users drove the use of collaboration technology into the enterprise they are now demanding personal assistant apps capable of helping them connect better with customers, be more productive and more mobile.

No longer content with just finding out the weather or a nearby restaurant, enterprise users want to be able to look up customer information and retrieve status reports whilst on the move. In a recent survey by FirstBest Systems more than three quarters of carriers believe that mobile will allow them to provide a better and faster service to customers, such as checking the status of a claim.

They also want the convenience and the ease of using personal assistant type apps to access other business services too. Take for example the news announced in tnooz last month – CWT brings virtual face to mobile service.

With the help of Artificial Solutions, Carlson Wagonlit Travel has developed a mobile service fronted by an avatar called Carla who is able to guide enterprise users in booking their travel requirements. One of the key requirements of the project was to enable the business user, frequently using a smartphone, to be able to easily book their travel arrangements despite the small screen size of a typical smartphone.

But a pretty face is only part of the story. An avatar or other easy to use interface goes a long way to simplifying the input by allowing the user to talk to the assistant as if they were a real person. However, it’s the underlying intelligence of NLI that completes the request with the minimum of input that can deliver real differentiation for the organization and value for the user.

Just as they did with consumer orientated collaboration technology a couple of years ago, enterprise users are bringing personal assistant apps into the workspace because they can see that it dramatically improves their experience and that of their customers. By adding intelligent response into mobile apps, organizations can truly differentiate themselves from their competitors.