Spotted: The UK-based Nice and Serious agency has created a website to make zero-waste shopping in London accessible and easy. The site is the first digital directory dedicated to zero-waste consumerism in London, according to the creators.

The site, called Useless, is a play on the words “use” and “less”. It is also inspired by the idea that much of what we buy is wrapped in useless plastic.

Useless is made up of retailers who sell zero-waste products, complete with an interactive map. Users enter their postcode or click on an area of the map to learn of nearby stores. Visitors to the site can contribute to the directory by submitting information about zero-waste shops not already listed. The site also provides tips on how to use less plastic.

The creators thought of the idea during lunch one day. They were “getting increasingly depressed about the sheer amount of single-use plastic in our lives”. When they learned about a co-worker who was refilling her shampoo bottle at a nearby shop, Useless was born. The site launched on 5 June and currently maps 40 zero-waste stores in London.

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