My New Shoe
I hate reading articles like this one especially after just ordering a new pair of 4-1/2-inch high heels from Nine West!

The bottom line according to the WhoWhatWear article is: "Wear heels as infrequently as possible, and do plenty of foot stretches after you take them off."

I also do foot stretches before I wear heels and that seems to help.

Wearing high heels is a crap shoot. It is impossible to know how a pair of heels will work for you.

I have heels that work well  I can wear them all day long without a problem. They are shoes that give some women pause when they see me wearing them. They wonder how anyone can manage to walk in such skyscrapers.

On the other hand, I have heels that are dead ringers for my comfortable heels, but they become unwearable after a few hours. Go figure.

Here are some of my most recent heel purchases that have worked well.

Payless Janine pointy toe pump with a three-inch heel. I was so happy with the Janine that I ordered additional pairs in a variety of colors.

Payless Carmen round toe pump. This three-inch high heel is basically the round toe version of the Janine. It is available in over a dozen colors and like the Janine, I ordered more than one pair.

Nine West Love Fury pointy-toe platform pump with all leather upper, 4-1/2-inch heel and 3/4-inch platform. These skyscrapers are no longer available from Nine West, but you may still find them in other outlets.

By the way, I use Insolia inserts in all my high heels. They were recommended to me years ago by a girl who loves high heels. Since they worked so well for her, I gave them a try and found that they worked well for me, too!

So go trip the light fantastic in comfort! 

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Wearing Max Mara.

The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes
The Golden Girls: The Christmas Episodes on stage in San Francisco, 2013.