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By Rodrigo Marino

Times of crisis don’t make an extraordinary entrepreneur less capable, and a product does not lose its technical quality. Therefore, the main variable changing and consequently impacting the investments and valuations is the market.

By Luka Beverin

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew struck Florida and inflicted 27 billion dollars worth in damage. As a result of the destruction, numerous insurance companies dissolved and went bankrupt after having to pay out an unanticipated amount of money to policyholders.

By Norbert Biedrzycki

The earth is sick, and the causes of its disease lie in our choices, our myopia, and our lack of imagination.

By Robert Locke

We all express fear, anger, and laughter by using facial expressions and other body movements. But these experts have gone way further and tied body language to what we actually say and how we say it.

By Marina Alamanou

When two particles — such as atoms, photons, or electrons — are entangled, they experience an inexplicable link that is maintained even if the particles are on the opposite sides of the universe, a million light-years away.

By Jim Katzaman

We all have a mental boardroom, and usually, there’s a hidden bigot at the table.