Batman is one of the most popular superheroes in the world, despite having no super powers. He does have a photographic memory and is strong enough that kicking down trees is considered part of his daily workout, but he’s still a mortal man.

But here’s the thing. He’s a mortal man with more money than the rest of the world combined. It’s the only way to explain the sheer level of things he has in his main base of operations, the Batcave. He has the finest tools and devices that technology can buy. He has reminders and mementos of his career as a defender of Gotham, up to and including a giant robot dinosaur. His Batsuit alone can be worth over a million dollars, and he has multiple different versions of the suit for a variety of different situations all around the world. He even has things like personal rockets that should probably be completely out of anyone’s price range – except for Batman, because he’s Batman.

Using real life technology and estimations from financial experts, here are 25 of the most expensive things that can be found in the Batcave.

25 Utility Belt

The utility belt is one of the most famous adaptable and famous tools in fictional history, providing Batman with a whole host of tools to defend Gotham. It includes a variety of smaller pieces, including a laser microphone, portable spectrometer, thermal camera, night-vision monocular, long range microphone, automatic lock pick, and a periscope. It’s been estimated that all together, his usual assortment of gadgets would set him back over $200,000. But this is how he has every kind of option in his belt, and can bring down almost any threat.

24 Batarangs

One of the best parts about Batman is that, no matter how goofy or how dark the interpretation of the character is, he’s still going to run around with a whole bunch of throwing tools that look like his logo. The man is all about branding. The batarang comes in a number of different varieties, with some being basic throwing stars but others having electrical or remote controlled aspects. It’s estimated that every three of them would cost $1000. And considering just how many of these he ends up chucking, that’s got to start getting a little pricey.

23 EMP Blaster

One of the more useful gadgets for Batman to use in developed cities and locations, an EMP cannon gives him the power to cripple any electronics being used by his targets. Such a device is wildly expensive, but proves instrumental at times. A tool that could have a similar effect would be the EMP400: Complete Shock Pulse System. It could provide an output of 1.8 Gigawatts, and weighs close to four hundred pounds. This tool would end up setting him back $17,3000 but would also be able to help him stop the Joker, so it ends up being kind of a wash.

22 Grappling Hook

Here is one of the more compact of Batman’s tools, and one of his most consistently useful. The grappling hook is a constant for Batman, giving him more maneuverability around the cityscape of Gotham (and even being a tool for taking people down when he needs it to be). The kind he used in the Dark Knight films is a TPLs Grappling Hook Launcher, capable of carrying the weight of Batman, all his armor, and a second person. It’s been estimated that this kind of tool would be worth at least $50,000 each and has proven to be a crucial tool in his fighting strategy.

21 Bat Computer

One of the more important elements of the Batcave is the Bat Computer. It is a super computer capable of keeping an eye on not just all of Gotham, but the entire world when the situation calls for it. The kind of computing power this provides can’t just be found at a Best Buy, though. A supercomputer can range between an estimated $100 million and $250 million for the design and assembly of the device. And that’s not counting the annual energy costs (which could range between $6 million and $7 million) or the costs of maintenance to keep it top of the line.

20 Batmobile

There have been plenty of different incarnations of the Batmobile, with each different version of Batman essentially having his own version of the car. One of the most popular though is the 'Tumbler' from the Dark Knight films. Developed by the Applied Sciences Division, it has a stealth mode, a full on jet engine, and a whole bunch of armor. The car was initially designed to be able to make massive jumps and tow cables with it, but it’s still useful for defeating the Joker. The car costs an estimated $18 million, but that does come with the emergency escape, a.k.a. the Batpod.

19 Batpod

Otherwise known as the Bay-Cycle in other incarnations, the Batpod is a lean motorcycle that Batman can use when he needs more maneuverability and speed than what the Batmobile can offer. It used the same kind of 20” wheels, as it initially appears as the escape mechanism for the Tumbler when it takes on a bunch of damage from rocket attacks. It’s not controlled by a steering wheel but just with shoulder movements. They even have a whole bunch of shields to protect the driver. The Batpod is considered part of the Tumbler total price, but it’s worth a solid $1.5 million on its own.

18 Bat Jet

Sometimes, it requires something a bit more mobile and powerful to deal with whatever threat villains decide to throw at Batman. That’s when he’ll bust out the Bat Jet. He makes sure that it looks like a Bat (because if nothing else, Batman is committed to branding), and makes sure it’s among the most up-to-date tech. While it’s difficult to price the Bat Plane itself, we can compare it to the Cirrus Vision Jet. One of the best modern small jets in the world, it’s worth a solid $2 million and comes with emergency measures in case of emergency built in.

17 Bat Boat

While the Bat Boat isn’t used all that often, it’s still a useful thing to have in the Batcave for when you need it. Hey, sometimes Aquaman needs some backup. The speed boat is fully equipped and a military grade vehicle. To price it, let’s compare it to the Centurion 24 Surveillance Boat, a special design boat that’s equipped with much of the best surveillance and technology available. The small boat is worth just under $100,000, with a 60hp engine. This boat has the ability to just straight-up book it when it needs to, and is useful for escapes or surveillance.

16 Bat Rocket

Yes, Batman has a rocket. He has lots of things no one knows about. It’s his personal means of transport around the world when he needs to get to the other side of the world really quickly or the occasions when space needs some Bat justice. Comparing it to the price of a SpaceX small rocket launch, it would cost Batman a $1 million per mission. It’s probably why he doesn’t bust it out as often as he could, but he does make sure to use it whenever he needs to. That’s the kind of rich Bruce Wayne is. He can just say, “Eh, let’s use the rocket for this one.”

15 The Ultimate Vault

The Batcave has entire sections that no one but Batman knows about. That includes his sidekicks, allies, and even Alfred. It’s where he keeps the riskiest things in the world, like alien tools, doomsday devices, and also one time the Joker. To set up a vault safe enough for him to keep those things completely safe would require a ridiculous amount of money. Compare it to the Svalbard Global See Vault, one of the most secure locations on the planet. The remote Norwegian location is worth an estimated $8.8 million, and that vault isn’t even built to stand up to Green Lanterns.

14 Memory Cloth Cape

One of the most iconic pieces of the Nolan Dark Knight universe version of Batman’s suit is the memory cloth polymer cape, which gives a great in-universe reason why his cape is adaptable and useful in battle. A simple electrical current will stiffen the cape, allowing him to glide throughout the city before another jolt returns it to a seemingly normal cape. To have such a tool would set Batman back $40,000, each. And can you imagine a version of Batman who doesn’t use a cape? That’s an additional $40,000 on each version of the Batsuit, which he has multiple versions of for different situations.

13 The Bat Suit(s)

The Bat Suit is a majestic set of armor, managing to combine medieval imagery along with aspects of modern technology. It comes with custom graphite cowls, carbon fiber reinforcements to contend with knives, and forearm blades that he learned to use while training with the League of Shadows. The movie makes a point of how many of the costume they have to order to avoid suspicion, which means Bruce Wayne is dropping crazy amounts of money on the suit. When everything is said and done, even just one version of the Batsuit can cost over $1,058,000. And that’s just the basic form of the suit.

12 Trophy Room

When Batman defeats his enemies, he tends to have a habit of keeping some of their tech. He partly does this to keep the villains from recovering the tech and using it. He also keeps it as part of his trophy room, a testament to his past heroics. This means there’s an entire wing of the Batcave that’s dedicated to extremely rare and precious tools, like Mr. Freeze’s freeze ray and the Joker’s inventions. It’s hard to gauge just how much it could cost (what with it having alien tech and all), but it must be one of his most valuable parts of the cave.

11 Giant Penny

The giant penny is one of the most consistent parts of the Batcave, appearing in different versions and renditions of the universe over the years. It was originally recovered from a random crook, but some adaptations (including Batman: The Animated Series) shifted it over to a Two-Face scheme. It’s hard to tell how much it would cost, what with it being a giant copper penny. A pound of copper is worth $2.50 currently, and the penny weighs 216 pounds. Just as scrap, it’s worth $486. But it’s estimated value as an art installation can’t be understated or underestimated. We’re looking at thousands of dollars, at least.

10 Robot Dinosaur

The other most consistent piece of the Batcave would have to be the giant robotic dinosaur he keeps in the cave. While he recovered it following an early adventure at the theme park 'Dinosaur Island,' it’s remained a fixture of his Batcave ever since it first appeared. It can activate as a security system whenever anyone tries to break into the Batcave and tries to cause any problems. Comparing it to the price of other life-size animatronic dinosaurs, it could be worth upwards of $54,000 alone. And that’s a version of the dinosaur that doesn’t even serve as a home-security system.

9 Bat Androids

Yes, Batman has robots. Of course he has robots. He’s Batman. Some are built as basically Iron Man suits, others are full on A.I. Some of them have been used to help protect the city while he’s gone, and others have been meant as potential replacements for himself as he gets older. In the real world, even industrial robots can range between $50,000 to $80,000. With specific modifications can raise the price of the robots to even $100,000, just for simple commands. So we know that his androids are at least worth that. And he has a whole bunch of these just lying around inside his base of operations for when he needs it.

8 Robot Suits

One of the coolest suits introduced within the DC universe has to be the Batman Beyond armor. Essentially an Iron Man suit modeled after the Batman aesthetic, this suit is one of the inventions Batman has to create to deal with the eventual aging of his body. Comparing it to the main suit of Iron Man armor that was used throughout Iron Man 3 (which shares many of the same traits as the Batman Beyond suit), we can get an idea of what it might be worth. Money Supermarket estimated the armor to be worth a full-on $111,000,0000, which gives us an idea just how valuable this specific suit could be.

7 Shark Repellent

One of the goofiest versions of Batman ever created appeared in Batman ’66. While it’s often maligned for embracing the inherent silliness of being Batman, it still provided fans and children a very fun and exciting version of Batman. One of the silliest ideas in his character is the Bat shark repellent, which he used in the movie version of the character. Turns out, that spray is actually very real, and only $25 for a 60ml canister of the stuff. But we imagine that the version of it created by Batman is more effective than the kind you can just find online.

6 Training

Seriously, it takes so much training to become Batman! This is a guy who has perfected almost every kind of combat known around the world, and has mastered almost all forms of science and development. While trying to price how much that training would take, Money Supermarket estimated that it would cost over $200,000 to get all the kind of training he needs. This includes his military pilot training, special training, and various engineering/scientific college degrees. This on top of his constant attempts to improve himself and learn more skills as he finds out about them. Hey, it’s expensive to become the best at literally everything.

5 Brother Eye

Brother Eye has yet to really appear in any of the movies, but the technology has become some of the most consistent forces in the comics. Designed by Batman as a worldwide surveillance system that could help him and the Justice League pinpoint problems all around the world, it’s gone off the rails multiple times and tried to take over the world. Comparing it to the kind of surveillance systems that the NSA performs every year around the United States, it could be estimated that a system like Brother Eye would be worth upwards of $8 billion dollars per year.

4 Kryptonite Sliver

Some of the most important stones in the DC universe, the radioactive rocks of Kryptonite, are among the only things someone could use to bring down Superman. Batman is one of the few people in the world who holds onto some, just because he might end up needing them. In the seminal New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke, Batman tries to intimidate the Martian Manhunter by mentioning how he can bring anyone down. During this, he mentions that the space rock is worth at least $70,000. And considering this comic was set in the 1950s, it’s easy to imagine that it would be way more expensive today.

3 Fully Stocked Lab

One of Batman’s titles is the ‘world’s greatest detective,’ and he didn’t just get that identification for nothing. Among the many things he keeps in his base of operations is an incredibly up-to-date forensics lab that allows him to solve any kind of mystery that someone like the Riddler decides to throw at him. Comparing it to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Forensic Science Lab in Pueblo, Colorado, we can determine that the construction cost of this kind of lab would be upwards of an estimated $8 million. And that’s not even considering the upkeep and improvements to the lab over the years.

2 Wayne Manor

The ancestral home of the Wayne family, Wayne Manor, has been the base of operations for Batman since the beginning of his career. And because he’s a major hero, he of course has had his home and base destroyed. It’s been brought down by earthquakes in the comics, and deliberate attacks in Batman Begins. It’s estimated that the cost of rebuilding of the Wayne Estate would have been a whopping $600,000,000. Thank goodness that Bruce Wayne just has all the money in the world, and could just write a check.

1 Alfred

Bruce Wayne’s most loyal ally, Alfred the butler, has been a consistent presence throughout his life. He’s taken care of him in his darkest days and helped make him into the man he is. And that kind of support doesn’t exactly come cheap. In his role as the Butler, he earns an average salary of $80,000. As the Estate Manager for Wayne Manor, he would earn a typical salary of $150,000. This is actually less than what he used to make, though, as his role as the primary caregiver for the young Bruce Wayne would have netted him an additional $55,000 a year.

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