For fast assaults, devastating critical attacks, and a plethora of other boons, Thrusting Swords are among the best weapons to consider for Dark Souls 2 players. They are lightweight and don't use much stamina per attack, meaning that players who haven't bothered to invest in the Endurance or Vitality stats can still wield these slim and swift swords efficiently.

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There are 9 to be found throughout the game, and although none are weak or useless, there is a clear indication of which ones are better to use in battle for their superior damage output, versatility, and unique traits.

9 Mail Breaker

While this blade is short enough to be considered a long dagger, it is classified in-game as a Thrusting Sword. In addition to its short reach, its overall damage is very lacking when compared to others in this weapon class. However, it can pierce through the shields of guarding foes, which makes it useable against thickly armored adversaries or those who continuously hug their shields.

Though, due to its subpar scaling and low damage, this is a weapon better to use in the offhand as opposed to the main hand or two-handing. At the +10 Regular upgrade, the Mail Breaker gets 150 physical attack alongside C-tier scaling with both Strength and Dexterity.

8 Estoc

As a weapon that has appeared in all 3 games in the trilogy, players should be able to recognize the renowned Estoc from its long, tapered blade. As one would expect, it has the greatest reach out of any Thrusting Sword in DS2, though this is the best thing it has going, for its damage and scaling are a bit lackluster.

When upgraded to +10 on the Regular path, the Estoc gets 210 physical attack as well as B-tier scaling in Strength and D-tier in Dexterity; odd for a Thrusting Sword, as most scale better with Dexterity, though this means that Strength builds can make use of this weapon if thrusting damage is needed.

7 Espada Ropera

Named after a real-world side-sword worn mostly by civilians, the ornate Espada Ropera appears in-game as an okay choice for a Thrusting Sword. It has decent damage output, average reach, and nice scaling, though it is pretty boring in all regards and will likely be swapped out later by most players for a cooler or stronger weapon.

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After it is upgraded to the max level of +10 on the Regular path, this sword gets 235 physical attack, E-tier scaling in Strength, and A-tier in Dexterity, making it a decent option for Dexterity builds.

6 Rapier

As the poster child for the Thrusting Swords, the Rapier possesses traits that exemplify the entire weapon class and are many people's first armament of this type. It is a versatile weapon for war, as it (like all of its brethren) can be used to poke at foes while a shield is held up by the offhand as well as possesses a high counterattack stat (140) that lets the wielder trade damage and usually come out on top.

With 230 physical attack at the +10 Regular upgrade, D-tier scaling in Strength, and B-tier in Dexterity, the Rapier is definitely worth purchasing from Blacksmith Lenigrast in Majula for a meager 1000 souls.

5 Ricard's Rapier

It must be mentioned that Ricard's Rapier is attractive in more than just its beautiful and sleek design, or even its combat potential, as it reveals some lore that not only references Prince Ricard from the first Dark Souls but world lore as well. The item description mentions that the sword's original regal owner is a figure from stories, not the game's actual history, though, there are quite a few other figures from the first game that show up in a physical sense, which may indicate that the land of Drangleic may fit into the trilogy's lore as a different plane of existence than where players adventure in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3.

Lore aside, Ricard's Rapier is a step up from the regular Rapier despite having less base attack, for the legendary prince's Thrusting Sword has much higher scaling as well as a special attack. At the max Regular upgrade of +10, it gets 160 physical attack and S-tier scaling in Dexterity, making it an excellent Dexterity weapon. Repeatedly pressing the input for the heavy attack will result in the wielder unleashing successive stabs that can decimate a foe's health very quickly, just be sure to only use the follow-up stabs if the first poke hits as to not waste stamina.

4 Spider's Silk

This boss weapon can be acquired by trading the Soul of the Duke's Dear Freja to Weaponsmith Ornifex and can be a great ally for those seeking the fastest way to poke their opponents to death. Although its base attack is not the greatest, it is not low enough to offset the Spider Silk's excellent reach (second to only the Estoc in this regard), shield-piercing power, and excellent scaling.

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When this unique weapon is upgraded to the final point of the Regular path at +5, it receives 195 physical attack and exceptional S-tier scaling purely with Dexterity.

3 Chaos Rapier

Chaos in the Dark Souls universe is synonymous with fire damage, and for good reason, as the source for all related items and spells were borne from the perpetually-burning original demon known as the Bed of Chaos. The Chaos Rapier is the only Thrusting Sword to possess innate fire attack, which makes it even more useful in getting by enemy defenses.

However, players should not infuse it with Fire, as it loses too much physical attack and scaling to be worth the minor increase in fire attack. Along the optimal upgrade path (Regular) at the max +5, the Chaos Rapier attains 110 for both physical and fire attack as well as A-tier scaling in Dexterity and B-tier in fire damage.

2 Ice Rapier

The frost status effect may not have been around in this game, though that does not make ice-related weapons inferior. The Ice Rapier, found in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC, is one of the most powerful Thrusting Swords in the game and one of the armaments that likely led to the creation of the frost weapons in Dark Souls 3.

This long, spiky lance of a blade has awesome reach, decent scaling, and, most importantly, a mighty special attack that launches a projectile similar to the Soul Spear spell with the strong attack. When deciding which infusion to take, players should choose the Magic path, for when gaining elemental attack, the Ice Rapier is unique in that it does not lose as much physical attack as other weapons. At the +5 Magic upgrade, it obtains 191 physical attack and 145 magic attack as well as triple scaling: E-tier with Strength, C-tier with Dexterity, and B-tier with magic damage.

1 Black Scorpion Stinger

Tricky to get, as it is either dropped by a mimic (near the Doors of Pharos bonfire in the original game) or given by Manscorpion Tark by talking to him with the Ring of Whispers equipped (after defeating The Duke's Dear Freja in Scholar of the First Sin). The Black Scorpion Stinger possesses arguably the highest base attack in the game for any Thrusting Sword as well as the greatest poison potential.

For a more direct-damage-focused build, players will want to give this unique weapon the Raw infusion, for it comes with no innate scaling and won't miss out on any stat-related boosts. At the +5 Raw infusion upgrade, the Black Scorpion Stinger gets a huge 345 physical attack while retaining a respectable 115 points of poison build-up per poke. However, those rocking a poison build should definitely take the Poison upgrade path, for, at the +5 upgrade on this path, this Thrusting Sword achieves 287 physical attack along with a massive 143 points of poison build-up for great status-inflicting efficiency.

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