There are probably several ways to discuss migrating MySQL — however — the most rewarding was surely spending some time with Tyson Lowery. Lowery is the owner and administrator of, a fantasy baseball site.

The site started as a hobby and testing ground while Lowery was a Java developer with General Electric. Now Lowery runs the site on a daily basis sans a day job and has shared some of his experiences in moving from MySQL 3 to 4. Check out the column here.

On a separate note – sorry for the short notice – but Slashdot noted that the request for comments on email authentication as an anti-spam measure expires tomorrow! Read about the summit at Groklaw, and also see the federal register notice attached to this post.

(for those reading this in the blogs section — see the forum thread version here with a database poll and the attachment. (

Spam has been a thorn in many an admins side as they manage mail servers of all stripes. This is a chance to get your real world comments heard.