The dissolution of 40-year-old Kim Kardashian and 43-year-old Kanye West‘s marriage has gone on for a while. At the end of 2020, they were said to still be together but living separate lives, then January came and the divorce bells rang out in the distance as sources said Kim is ready to jump ship but was waiting for a good moment. Then there were the couples counseling rumors, which abruptly ended, and it was back to Divorce Town. Sources are now telling People that Kanye realizes his marriage is done, which makes him sad because he “knows what he is losing.” Well, luckily for Kanye, he can relive both his marriage and its breakdown on the final season of Keeping Up Beelzebub’s Apocalyptic Timetable With The Kardashians.

For Kim, it’s been business as usual, and she’s been using her marriage woes to get attention on social media. But a source says that Kanye is sad:

“Kanye is not doing well. He is anxious and very sad. He knows that the marriage is over, and there’s nothing that can be done right now. He also knows what he is losing in Kim.”

The source didn’t stop there either. Do you think Kris Jong-Un is going to send one of her flying demons to whisper to People and only say one thing? Summoning a gossiping hell beast takes energy, she’s gonna make it count. The source claims that Kim spent oodles of time defending Kanye to her family and stood by him, but that’s over now and Kanye is about to hold another Sunday Service to pray for a miracle:

In addition to Kardashian’s public support of West, she has also been a mediator between him and her family. “She has defended him privately to her family,” the source says. “She has stood beside him at a time where a few wives would have done that.”

“There is very little hope of reconciliation,” says the source. “It would have to be a miracle. But Kanye does believe in miracles.”

While Kim is going to be the one who looks after the kids most of the time–North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm–the source claims that her “inner circle” knows that Kanye can be a part of their lives whenever he wants:

“Kim has made it clear that Kanye can talk to his children anytime he wants,” says the source. “She has never threatened to keep him from the kids. She only requires that he is not going to damage them. Kanye can FaceTime the kids anytime he wants. He hasn’t been great about that, but everyone is encouraging him to do it.”

And the source ended with this about Kimye’s drawn-out divorce:

“Kim doesn’t want to hurt him,” the source continues. “She just knows she can’t be married to him anymore. He is very aware that she has been a good wife. He still loves her very much. But he understands.”

Do you know what this smells like? Kris Jenner prepping the divorce filing with some pro-Kim propaganda! Living up to her Jong-Un title, I see. I mean maybe it’s true. Maybe Kanye is really sad to lose his dutiful, hot, plasticine-molded wife. But let’s circle back to him a few months after their divorce and see what Kanye says Post-Koven. Larsa Pippen‘s experience has been amazing.