Fade to Silence, a game from developer Black Forest Games, will be exiting Steam Early Access on April 30 and releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the same day. While available through Early Access, the developers have been fine tuning all of the game's mechanics, but with this release the game will finally gain its complete story. This will explain why the apocalypse happened, where the infection spreading over the lands came from, and what happened to Ash's family. When Ash sleeps, you can experience vision-like dreams to learn more about the world and the story, but this is also where he deals with the inner voice. These dreams can be experienced again through the dream gallery, to make sure you do not lose connection to the story if you stop playing for a while.

This release will see more changes than just the addition of the story. The tutorial has also been overhauled to be a better experience for new players, but even veterans may learn a hint or two from it. This will not be the only source of information on the game's mechanics though, thanks to the addition of the Survival Handbook. Players will be able to look up game and survival mechanics in the handbook and as new features are introduced, they will receive entries covering them.

When Fade to Silence releases on April 30 it will be $39.99 on PC while the console editions will be $49.99.

Source: THQ Nordic