After a very successful year from AMD in Consumer level processors from quad cores, 32 core server Epyc CPUs, and Ryzen 2000G’s AMD will be taking on another area which they have historically been successful in, the embedded market. AMD will be launching an SoC in the Ryzen V1000 which is aimed at the low power embedded market which currently Intel is untouched.

Competition VS Gemini Lake

The V1000 as you might expect is based on Raven Ridge. Which is good considering Intel has been ahead in the embedded market for quite a while since Apollo Lake. The V1000 finally catches up to Intel in the 14-nm process and will hopefully include Vega graphics.

From what we see here the site AdvenTech is showing a motherboard with the AMD Ryzen V1000 processor in a preview of a upcoming product the SOM-5871 which has been pulled since then, showing dual channel memory at up to 32GB.

This SoC line-up will use either 1MB or 2MB cache with a TDP in the 12 to 54 Watt ranges. As it is an SoC it will provide a built-in I/O chipset. The core clock frequencies have not been listed but much like the Ryzen 2000G series the Ryzen V1000 should get a Vega GPU with Vega compute units including H.265 decode and encode and VP9 decode and Ultra HD support. An earlier leaked iBase Mini-ITX revealed the Vega and CPU core count as well as the up to 32GB of dual-channel DDR4-2400/3200 with optional ECC. the AdvenTech page has been showing.

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  • ryzen-v1000-product
  • advantech_som5871

When we checked the AdvenTech page we see specifications listed as it has a core/thread count of Two, four and eight. If we will get octocore or quads with SMT remains to be seen, although SMT seems unlikely on a line like this. We will report on pricing and availability on the Ryzen V1000 when possible.

Source: Guru3D

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