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When it comes to my summer outfits the number one question I get asked is where are my shorts from. So as we kick off the summer season I figured it would be helpful to pull together a whole bunch of short shorts (you guys know I love a short inseam!) that you can buy to wear this summer. I love a 5-7″ inseam best and then I switch up the look and feel of the outfit based on how I wear them. For example, a 5″ chino short can feel very “Call Me by Your Name” when styled with an oversized shirt, crew socks, and converse. Or, you can style them with less of a sporty edge and add in elegance with a suede loafer and a fitted shirt.

I’ve pulled together shorts in three categories — plain, patterned, and sweat. I added in the sweat section because let’s face it most of us are still spending more time at home than usual so comfort is key! Patterned short shorts are great for when you want the shorts to be the statement element f the outfit, and solids are super versatile. In addition, I vaired the prices of the shorts included in this roundup from under $10 to $100+ so hopefully, you can find the perfect pair of short shorts based on your budget and preference! 

To shop the shorts, simply click on the blue shopping tag over each pair of shorts.

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