The dialer app is probably the most basic application built into the Android. It has an almost bare minimum set of features to get the job done – send and receive calls, which it does without a problem. But, third-party dialers are still popular due to various reasons, like better interface and functionality. Koler is yet another dialer application by XDA Junior Member NuclearGandhi. It is a swipe-based application, which makes it a whole lot more intuitive than any other dialer on the market. Here are all the available gestures:


  • Dialer
    • Call – Swipe up
    • Delete number – Swipe left
    • Collapse dialer – Swipe on contacts list
  • Incoming Call
    • Open keypad – Swipe up
    • Reject/End – Swipe left
    • Answer – Swipe right
    • Send SMS – Swipe up on the send SMS overlay

Koler is also open-source, which makes it much more trustworthy and reliable than others. You can download the application from the Play Store via the link below.

Koler (Free, Google Play) →

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