Productivity apps have grown into a fundamental part of our everyday lives, whether grocery shopping or closing multi-million dollar real estate transactions. Being more effective in as little time as feasible is now the objective for us all.

productivity apps

Traditional productivity tasks such as time-tracking, goal setting and team collaboration have all gone digital. Let’s look into some useful productivity apps for 2019. We’ll focus on software for web designers, developers and digital marketers that make life a little easier for workers who are stuck in front of their computer screens all day.

To-do Lists, Notes and Collaboration

To-do list apps are one of the most popular productivity apps on the market and run the gamut from grocery shopping to enterprise team collaboration. At last estimate, there were approximately 17 million to-do list applications across both Android, IOS and desktops.

1. Todoist

Todoist is by far the run-away favorite and one of the best productivity apps for organizing your life and getting more done each day. The application is free to download and works on Windows, iOS, Android and MAC. The app offers a personal edition which is free to download, along with a business account for $5 per user a month. A premium account allows designing your own templates and further automation.

The business version is impressive. Todoist has established a healthy collaboration tool for up to 10 different devices across Android, IOS, MAC, or Windows. Share files, create projects, add tasks and track each one across every device. Todoist is an impressive application, which can help run your home or business effectively.

GRADE: A (great reviews everywhere)

2. HoursTracker

HoursTracker is designed for the freelancer on the go. HoursTracker is one of the best productivity apps, it is robust and uncomplicated to operate. HoursTracker works on both IOS and Android platforms and is feature-rich. 1) Place your currently running jobs in the app and receive notifications when you have arrived at your location. 2) Use the powerful tag system to instantly pull up running, paid or in-progress jobs. 3) HoursTracker lets you know when the job or expected hours have been met. 4) Jobs are easily added or edited for your new rates and locations. 5) Plenty of streamlined operations to make entry and editing easier. 6) Export your HoursTracker into another application for ease of use. HoursTracker gives the user three grades of tracking. The free edition offers 3 jobs and 21 days of entry. The Personal edition provides 5 jobs while the PRO offers unlimited everything.

GRADE: A (must have app)

3. Simplenote

Simplenote is exactly as the name suggests a clean, easy application accessible across various platforms. An extraordinary feature to Simplenote is the capacity to create and publish in Markdown format. Markdown allows the user to write in rich-text format, then easily convert structurally into XHTML or HTML. Simplenote is now available for Android, MAC, IOS and Windows and the application is free.

GRADE: A (for keeping it simple)

4. AnyList

While you may be surprised to find a grocery shopping list and recipe keeper app on this list, everyone has to eat. Anylist also doubles as a great all-around list-making app, so maybe you’ll love the idea of being able to store your grocery shopping lists and to-do lists within the same app. The Pro version of the app boasts impressive syncing across your mobile device, desktop app, their website. You can also add photos of list items so anyone can do the shopping.

Grade: A –

5. Basecamp

Apps that combine to-do lists, calendar and scheduling have developed into the de facto model for productivity helpers in business situations. Individuals are demanding more productivity from their desktops and smartphones.

Enter Basecamp, one of the original project management platforms. Basecamp still features essential tools for teams to deliver top-notch designer results. But at $99 per month, Basecamp may be a little pricey for individuals. The application is really designed for the enterprise, as the monthly fee is all-inclusive for an unlimited number of users and projects and includes 500GB of cloud storage.

Basecamp seeks to keep every user accountable for their responsibilities. The app replaces and updates user’s personal to-do lists, message boards, scheduling, documents and file storage. Basecamp also links with popular CRM software, keeping everybody on the same page.

Direct messaging and real-time chat are strong points for Basecamp along with the integrated email system. If your team is searching for the next level of production, try Basecamp or use the 30-day trial.

GRADE: B+ (pricey)

6. Evernote

Evernote should be on every designer’s must-have list of essential apps. Now you can combine the strength of Google Drive and every note, sketch, thought or design concept can be safely locked away in the cloud. Combining Evernote with the extensive array of Google apps and development becomes a lot more coordinated. Evernote can help the web designer organize their thoughts into a logical hierarchy of ideas, internet research and projects. Download the app from Google Play. Evernote is offered in three plans, starting with Free Basic. Then comes Evernote Premium at $7.99 per month per user, then Evernote Business at $14.99 per month per user. The ecosystem for Evernote is immense. Apps include 1) Web Clipper 2) Spaces 3) A powerful PDF and document search feature 4) Scanning and Tags. There are other similar applications; however, none can match the global presence of Google.

GRADE: A+ (a must-have for everyone)

7. Asana

ASANA is a popular application to support teams to manage projects and workflow. The operation is project-based and goal-oriented. Asana uses a timeline feature to keep everyone on schedule and in sync. The firm offers four degrees of service from basic to the enterprise. Asana integrates easily with Google email, drive and calendar along with G Suite. There are presently over 100 separate app integrations on the Asana website, enhancing the program’s functionality.

GRADE: B (functional)

8. Trello

Trello has taken a different approach to the web design visuals on your computer screen. Instead of seeing bullet points, headers and dry lists, Trello organizes material into boards and cards. The application offers three types of membership: 1) Free for unrestricted personal use. 2) Business Class at $9.99 per month, per user. Larger file attachments and priority support. 3) Enterprise, $20.83 per user, per month and unlimited everything.

Trello can be used by IOS, Android or on desktop. An endless number of boards can be designed for everything significant in your life. An extraordinary collection of utilities can be added to each board, significantly enhancing the usefulness of Trello. Analytics, marketing and social media are just a few of the utilities. Over 12,660 reviews have been recorded at Capterra with a 4.5-star rating out of a potential 5.

GRADE: B (not for everyone)

Apps For Web Design, WordPress & Inspiration

WordPress is a foundational internet platform. No other CMS has advanced the entrepreneurial spirit and enjoyment of the internet than WordPress. The WordPress ecosystem, including themes and plugins, is enormous. Entrepreneurs are using WordPress to construct multiple web site networks, charitable organizations, e-commerce and news sites.

As the internet has matured, so have the apps which make it work. The Gig Economy is in full force, with companies such as Upwork offering freelancers as much work as they can handle. Productivity no longer calls for the freelancer to be tied down to a computer screen. The following productivity apps can keep the work momentum going.

9. iThemes Sync Pro

iThemes Sync Pro is an extraordinary platform for the entrepreneur to use in many ways. The application allows users to manage multiple WordPress websites from a single dashboard. Sync is designed to help streamline WordPress maintenance tasks, increasing your web admin productivity. Instead of logging in numerous times, the dashboard provides a single login to maintain multiple sites, uptime monitoring, SEO and analytics. Users never have to worry about updating WordPress, or individual plugins or themes as the app handles one-click updates and also email notifications when updates become available. Sync also has impressive integrations with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yoast SEO and

Sync pricing lets entrepreneurs grow at a rational pace by providing both monthly and annual plans. The system also provides a hosting service so you can really bundle all your website admin accounts into one.

Grade: A (for making life easier)

10. Canva

Canva is an essential design tool for wireframing and web-layout. Communicate and develop ideas more effectively. Start your layouts and foundations on the desktop, then work on your ideas while away from home. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, designers can apply a splendid host of widgets and graphics supplied by the platform.

Sign up for a free account to determine if Canva is appropriate for you or go directly to the Pro version for $9.95 per month. The application offers thousands of readymade graphics 1) Design types include Logos and flyers 2) Templates offer brochures and business cards 3) Photos provide the designer wallpaper, nature and people 4) Icons include Web and SEO, business and social media. Canva is an essential tool for creating and publishing the digital web.

GRADE: A+ (every web design professional should have Canva)

11. WooCommerce

WooCommerce has single-handedly brought e-Commerce to the little guy. The WooCommerce app lets you run a full-fledged retail store from your smartphone. Once your store is set-up, download from Google Play or the App Store and start selling. The app gives owners the capability to handle all facets of an e-commerce site: 1) Tracking is the highlight of the app. Discover what products are selling best and what was the revenue on any specific date. 2) Manage your products and client actions. Tap and look up detailed order reports, customer details and plenty more. 3) Real-time alerts allow the owner to be briefed on everything regarding their store.

WooCommerce has developed into a complete e-commerce package for WordPress. Small stores to enterprise, the application delivers.

GRADE: A (a must-have for WordPress e-commerce)

12. Adobe Scan

Adobe Software has long been recognized as a premier digital services firm and is a significant player in web design and development. Adobe reader is the de-facto standard for reading and manipulating documents in PDF format. Adobe offers several mobile bundles to support and capture the best of everyday life.

Adobe Scan is an excellent application for scanning anything into PDF document. Adobe apps help web developers harness the power of the internet. Adobe Scan is excellent for keeping receipts, wireframes, sketches and contact information. Scans are locked away in the Adobe cloud for retrieval later. Adobe Scan is available through Google Play or the App Store.

13. Adobe Capture CC

Adobe Capture CC will develop into a favorite app for every developer who chooses to capture inspiration. Upload images into the app and Adobe Capture will naturally display a color palette to manipulate the image. Another remarkable feature is Adobe Sensi Technology. Take a picture of any type of font and Capture recognizes the shapes and proposes alternatives. Web designers will find Adobe Capture a compelling tool to work with.

14. Adobe Fill and Sign

Adobe Fill and Sign shows potential clients you are ready for business. Use the Fill and Sign app to automatically complete paper or PDF documents and deliver them anywhere by email or text. The app keeps your records secure and document delivery is recorded every step of the way.

GRADE: A (must have bundles for designers and developers)

Workflow and Social Media

When developers or web designers coordinate capabilities and components into proven patterns, work becomes easier and time is predictable.

15. Workflow

Workflow is a new type of productivity app, designed to automate tasks across your devices. Workflow can create a PDF, record audio, automatically post to Facebook, or send and receive your emails. Apple’s Workflow is a fresh breed of applications designed explicitly to enhance productivity. Workflows are lists of actions or steps that can be anything from text, videos, or events. Each step in the workflow is recognized its own task, with its own input. Each step or task works together during the day to create productivity toward specific goals. Apple has created a gallery of workflows to get the user started.

GRADE: B (great app, only for Apple)

16. Buffer

Buffer helps you cultivate a social media market in an already overcrowded field of competitors. The program is a quality dashboard for connecting the most popular social media giants all in one place. Schedule posts, manage accounts and improve your websites networking capabilities in a favorable community of like-minded individuals.

One of the best elements of Buffer is the ability to write and publish content on a schedule. Publish a tweet or Facebook post when the most people will see it. Three plans are available to marketers, the Pro plan is $15 per month and allows for 8 social media accounts. A premium plan allows the same number of social media accounts but provides the subscriber up to 2000 posts per month at $65. The business plan for $99 per month offers 25 social media platforms and unlimited everything.

GRADE: B+ (good platform, a little pricey)


IFTTT is another all-encompassing platform to support your apps working collectively. IFTTT helps with social media, lighting your home at night and creating future events. The platform is available for both Android and IOS. IFTTT has an active ecosystem of services and functions to help get users up and running quickly. At present, there are over 600 services possible.

IFTTT currently offers a business account and developer plan. Developers can build prototype services and offer them for sale through IFTTT. Business accounts offer everything from analytics to branded services.

GRADE: B- (good app, not great)

18. Pasteapp is a clipboard manager for MAC, iPad and iPhone. If you have struggled to figure out the clipboard, you realize it is frustrating. This app simplifies the process and turns the clipboard into a productivity tool. No matter the history, Pasteapp keeps an unlimited record of everything you copy or paste. The powerful search function allows the user to identify previous entries by keyword, image, or link. An outstanding detail of Pasteapp is the organizational function. Pasteapp stores often used items at the top for easy access. Synchronize your data to the cloud and other Apple devices for retrieved later. Use the trial or buy the app for a modest $14.99.

GRADE: A (but only for Apple devices)

19. is a fresh kid on the block for workflow apps and it looks stunning. Rather than a text-based and line chart, is a visual workflow tool designed entirely for web development. Start with a sketch or Adobe document and share with your team across any device.

Layers, boards and skins are configurable elements created to visualize your workflow. Every facet of the diagram and workflow chart are highly configurable with text and graphics. Utilize different shapes and colors to highlight the value of individual boards. Overflow offers a free 30-day trial and then a $12 dollar per month, per person price.

GRADE: B+ (pricey)

Wrapping Up: Best Productivity Apps of 2019

Productivity comes in all shapes and configurations. The productivity apps above can be tailored for either personal or business use. Simplicity is the key and a little help from the best apps can help you do more with less time.

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