When discussing superheroes, there are a few names that tend to come up repeatedly, like Batman and Superman. But for too long it has been the male superheroes who have gotten the spotlight. Batman has had a ridiculous number of appearances in comics, films, television, and video games since he was introduced in 1939. Female superheroes have only recently been geting the same level of attention. 2017 finally saw the beginning of a wave of female-led superhero movies beginning with Wonder Woman and continuing through Captain Marvel and Dark Pheonix.

Among the most iconic female superheroes is Diana, princess of Themyscura, also known by her superhero name "Wonder Woman." First created in 1941, Wonder Woman has become as iconic as Superman or Batman- the three of them are basically the face of DC Comics. Yet Diana has not received nearly the same level of attention as her male colleagues. There were no Wonder Woman serials in the 40's, no campy live-action Wonder Woman shows in the 60's, nor any animated series with her as the star, and it took Batman vs. Superman to get Diana onto the big screen before she could star in her own movie.

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Unfortunately, that also applies to video games. Wonder Woman really needs an opportunity to star in her own game, where she becomes the one playable central character. Yet despite her popularity, she still remains untouched. This is especially frustrating because there are many untouched opportunities and right now a female superhero game is really needed.

5 Why We Need a Wonder Woman Game

Female superheroes have never starred in a game. Their appearances have been marginalized to either supporting roles or, if playable, as part of a larger ensemble cast. The Arkham series includes Barbara Gordon (Oracle), yet she is tragically paralyzed and wheelchair-bound preventing her from taking an active role. While that is set to change in Gotham Knights, she is still part of an otherwise all-male ensemble cast rather than the lead. Injustice: Gods Among Us makes several female superheroes playable, including Wonder Woman, but not central characters, just part of a larger ensemble that also includes tons of male superheroes.

In a medium that has a long and unfortunate history of male bias, there is a demand for more female protagonists. From a business standpoint, this is a great opportunity. After all, the whole idea of running a business is supposed to be meeting demand. If strong women are in demand, it would seem logical to produce a game with a strong female lead. This would be especially true if the game stars someone that the audience will recognize as a strong woman, like Wonder Woman. The returns are practically guaranteed.

Male superheroes keep getting their own games. Batman alone has starred in 40 different games since 1986, including the Arkham and LEGO Batman games. Why has Wonder Woman not gotten this level of attention? The simple truth is that Batman and Superman have been done to death, and Wonder Woman is an opportunity for something new.

4 Gameplay Opportunities

The parkour and fighting mechanics one might expect of the Arkham series could easily be adapted to Wonder Woman, though putting Diana in charge would allow for more varied combat styles and some modifications. While Batman simply punches his enemies, Wonder Woman has a sword and shield, which could allow for more varied combat. The game could also make use of some of Diana's superhuman abilities. One ability Batman does not have is blocking bullets, which could be a gameplay mechanic. Imagine fighting several enemies, and needing to react just in time to gunshots.

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Another ability to work with would be the lasso of truth, a device with varying applications. During calmer moments it could be used as a grapple. It could also be used as a means of capturing or incapacitating enemies during action sequences, used as a whip during combat, or grabbing a target during a chase scene.

Wonder Woman favors compassion over brute force. Where Batman just punches enemies or incapacitates them with an absurd array of bat-themed gadgets, Diana could have more variety. Some of her gameplay could revolve instead around trying to avoid directly fighting her enemies, or trying to find more creative ways to outwit them. There could even be a morality system similar to Dishonored or Metro series where violence has long-term costs that impact the narrative.

3 Open World Themyscura (Possible Developer: Ubisoft)

The island of Themyscura is a major part of Wonder Woman's story, as it is the island where she was born and raised. It is also an island populated entirely by women, which has impacted their politics and views on men, details that could also be interesting to explore.

Themyscura, having a history going back to Ancient Greece, is full of ruins and mysteries that could easily offer some Tomb Raider or Assassin's Creed style-puzzles and action. An open-world format would encourage Diana to explore the island and leave room for the stories of other Amazons. However, this should not just be a video game adaptation of Wonder Woman's origin story. A better plot would be a situation affecting Themyscura that necessitates Diana's return.

Ubisoft was recently involved in a scandal about diminishing female roles, but to their credit, the company has been addressing the problem, with high-profile executives leaving the company. A game starring one of the most iconic female superheroes featuring a predominantly, if not exclusively, female cast would be a great way to show commitment to change. Ubisoft has experience not only crafting immersive open-worlds, but also in designing Ancient Greek settings, as both Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Immortals: Fenyx Rising have shown.

2 Arkham-Style Open World (Possible Developer: Rocksteady Games)

Rocksteady already has experience working with DC properties and showing attention to detail when it comes to crafting their narrative. But So far they have mostly channeled that valuable experience into the Arkham series and continued to produce more Batman games. Why not take all those skills and maybe put them into a different superhero. Perhaps one that has not had as much attention, like Wonder Woman. Imagine something on the scale of the Arkham series but with Diana in a starring role. It could even be set in the same continuity if they want.

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Some changes would be necessary. Wonder Woman is a lot more optimistic than Batman, and she often prefers compassion over brute force. This would necessitate toning down the excessive brooding of the Arkham games in favor of something more optimistic. But that may not be a bad thing. A more optimistic tone could also allow for some twists on the usual Arkham gameplay. For instance, if a lot of the gameplay involves Diana trying to avoid fights or stop them before they get started instead of all-out brawling, focusing more on precise strikes against the source of problems than beating up every street thug she comes across.

1 Linear Globe-Trotting Adventure (Possible Developers: 4A Games or Bethesda)

One of the great things about Wonder Woman is she is not bound to any one particular locations. Batman works in Gotham, Superman in Metropolis. So stories about those superheroes mostly focus on those cities. Wonder Woman is not confined to a city, so her story can take her anywhere. This means a Wonder Woman game could involve different locations, with different gameplay styles and mechanics. A game where Wonder Woman can explore different countries would be a refreshing change from the usual crime-filled cities of Batman and Superman. This type of plot might necessitate a departure from the open-world format that has become popular with a lot of recent superhero games in favor of something more linear. That may be an advantage because it would make the game stand out a lot more from other recent superhero games.

Pulling this off would require someone experienced with linear narratives featuring unique and interesting settings for their levels. One possible candidate would be 4A games, who showed a skill for crafting unique environments in Metro: Exodus. Plus seeing them produce a game with a strong female lead would be a nice change from the male-dominated Metro games. Another possible choice would be Bethesda, which has shown a similar level of experience in several of its games such as the Wolfenstein reboot and Dishonored.

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