The best thin cases for the Galaxy S20 allow you to protect your new phone without compromising its protection. Samsung engineers its flagships to be as thin as possible, so why undo all that hard work with some monstrous tank of a case? These are thin cases that can add grip and light protection to your beautiful new Galaxy, whether you prefer thinner hard plastics or more adaptive and flexible silicone models.

Best in the biz

Totallee Thin

Staff pick

Totallee is one of the biggest names in ultra-thin cases, and it's the most liked thin case around. While it's pricey, it's darn good at doing what a thin case should, which is adding grip and scratch protection without any bulk at all.

Grippy diamonds

Spigen Liquid Air

Yes, this case is a little thicker to accommodate the deeper texture across the back, but it's absolutely worth it for a grippy case with air-cushioned corners. We just wish it came in different colors, but black goes with everything.

Flexible and affordable

Rinkge Air-S

This sleek case replaces the Ringke Onyx we saw in previous years, and I'm grateful to the upgrade because the Air-S is thinner and brighter, adding grip and some pizzazz without unnecessary bulk.

Bright, bold, beautiful

Tech21 Studio Color

If you want to get bolder than Cloud Pink or Cloud Blue, this thin, flexible case comes in vibrant colors and can help your S20 withstand 8-foot falls. It also has anti-microbial properties.

Chrome corners

ESR Essential Crown

This twist on ESR's Essential Zero case adds some extra flair. It covers the usual wonk and weirdness that occurs in the curves and corners of the clear case by adding a chrome-looking cover to the bumper.

A rainbow of grip

Goospery Pearl Jelly

This TPU case is flexible to get on and off in a hurry if you're the type to switch cases every day. This case also comes in a full-color wheel of shades so that you can get the hue that best suits your wardrobe.

Magnetic mount compatible

Spigen Thin Fit

Most thin cases are so thin you don't have room to slide a magnetic plate inside for your car mount, but luckily the Spigen Thin Fit is engineered with just enough space for its QNMP plates.

Candy-colored cover

Kqimi Ultra Thin

This case won't have much in the way of drop-protection since it's hard plastic, but it offers some added grip and much-needed scratch protection. Colors vary, but I rather like the bold greens, reds, and blue.


Zuslab Nano Silicone

This affordable thin case comes in bright colors like mint, yellow, and purple, and inside the silicone shell sits a thin microfiber liner to keep your S20 in place and in pristine condition.

The best thin case for the Galaxy 20 add grip and glamour

When you get a thin case, these are two of the biggest benefits you'll be looking for, because let's face the facts: you're not going to get the greatest drop protection in a 1mm case. The Spigen Liquid Air has a little shock absorption thanks to air cushions and the TPU makeup of the case, but most thin cases just don't have enough mass to redirect and absorb a drop. That's why the emphasis needs to be on the grip.

Flexible thin cases are always a tiny bit thicker than polycarbonate hard cases, which is why the black Totallee Thin Case tends to be a tiny bit more popular than the clear version, but both are reliable and completely free of any extra branding or markings that could get in between you and your S20.

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