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Challenge: Write a library function template that takes exactly one positive, integral parameter.

There are many different ways to implement this function template in standard C++. The future additions of Concepts and Contracts will provide even more, possibly simpler, implementations as well. We will review the current status of both of these important new features, conduct a brief overview of what they can do, and then examine how they can work together towards an interface specification nirvana.

Michael Price, Synopsys, Inc.
Senior Software Engineer

Michael Price has developed and taught C++ for more than a decade and has been an active participant in WG21 since 2014, allocating most of his committee-time to EWG and the Reflection Study Group. He professes interest in making C++ "safer" to use through language and library design, automation, testing, and education. His past work includes enterprise-grade screen sharing applications, ABI-safe C++ component design, network protocol design, software development utilities, large-scale build and test automation, C/C++ compiler front-end development for static analysis tools, and a smidge of management experience.

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