Tad Hargrave is a hippy who developed a knack for marketing (and then learned how to be a hippy again).

Despite years in the non-profit and activist world, he finally had to admit he was a marketing nerd and, in the end, he became a marketing coach for hippies. Maybe it was because he couldn’t stand seeing his hippy friends struggle to promote their amazing, green and holistic projects. Maybe it was because he couldn’t keep a 9-5 job to save his life.

Tad has been helping conscious entrepreneurs be better marketers for over a decade now. And yes, there are better, more successful ways to market your green, conscious, community based business.

Tad offers products and services that help you figure out low-cost (or no cost) pressure-free strategies to attract the perfect amount of clients who are “just right” (in a way that feels clean, wonderful and exciting not slick, gross and slimy). Tad’s goal is simple: to help you make more money and a bigger difference – and to help you do it in a way that feels wonderful.

  • Learn a seven step, refreshing, sustainable and common sense approach to figuring out your best niche
  • Get real time, meaningful feedback on your niche
  • Learn why it’s crucial to understand the different between the Artist’s and Entrepreneur’s approach to niching
  • Learn the two biggest places you can get stuck in your niche
  • Learn the three key criteria for a profitable target market

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Steps to Finding Your Niche w/ Tad Hargrave